Another Enduro SuperTourer!


I just took delivery of a new Enduro SuperTourer built on a Thuren equipped Power Wagon and thought I would post up a few pics. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. The structure and interior cabinetry is done very very well and all the system installations are impeccable.Kudos to Leif and his team for delivering another top shelf rig!
ill post more pics and specs soon. IMG_3812.jpeg


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I'm also curious about lead time after ordering and what the installation is like (how long does it take for them to install on your truck).
The lead time after ordering is hard for me to answer as this build was originally a bare shell that morphed into every option imaginable. lol I’m sure Leif at Enduro would be happy to talk with you about current lead time.
The camper is built off the truck and Enduro takes care of selling your bed prior to mounting. It doesn’t take long after it’s ready to install for delivery. ( a few weeks) They were also able to utilize my existing camera rear view mirror setup and integrate the backup camera as well. Also, plumbing the line for the gas fired Ebersracher is taken care of prior to installation. Hope this helps.


More pics


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Enduro SuperTourer


-Camper weight 1550lbs

-Minus bed removal -325lbs

-Net Weight added. 1225lbs

-Fiberglass/Foam insulated panel construction

-Aluminum corner bracing

-Carbon fiber cantilever reinforcement

-Marine linear actuators for pop up

-Eberspracher gasoline heater

-Arctic Tern windows

-Insulated tent with 6 zippered windows

-Sunbrella upholstered cushions

-Water Capacity 28 gallon

-Guzzler UV + carbon filter system

-PEX plumbing with isolation and winterizing valves

-AusJ Duetto 12v water heater 1.5 gallon

-AusJ Ezzy Outdoor Shower

-Trelino toilet, fan vented

-Stainless marine water fill

-Sunpower 42v 460 watt system

-Deep Cycle Systems 400 amp-hr LiFePO4 12v

-Victron components

-2000 watt/ 80 amp inverter /charger

-Smart Solar 100/50 MPPT

-Lynx Distributor

-Smart Battery Protect

-Sterling Power 120 amp dc to dc charger

-380 amps of dual alternator

-Stainless marine SurePower 30 amp shore power plug

-External solar plug for solar blanket

-Nomadic Cooling X2 12v AC

-Induction cooktop

-Isotherm 85 drawer 12v fridge freezer

-LED Indoor & Outdoor lighting

-SwitchPros Bluetooth switching system

-Simarine Battery and tank monitor

-Integrated Digital rear view mirror

-Backup Camera

-DOT lighting and third brake light

-All wiring done to ABYC standards

-Bamboo counter tops

-Lagun table

-Composite cabinets

-Aluminum Drawers and cubbys

-Inhabit design floor covering

-Sidio Crate storage system

-Queen size over cab bed, Roam Rest 5" mattress

-Darche 180 awning and shower cube

Truck Specs

-2022 Ram Power Wagon Level 3 trim

-Thuren 2.5” Kings

-Thuren .5” Front Springs

-Thuren Front and Rear Track Bar

-Carli R2 rear springs

-Thuren rear spring preload spacer

-Carli Skid Spacer

-Hellwig Big Wig rear sway

-Method 704HD wheels

-Toyo RT Trail 37x12.5-17

-Arb twin under passenger seat Desert Does It mount

-Off Grid Engineering second battery mount

-Twin Optima’s Wired in parallel as additional start battery

-Midland 50 watt GMRS hidden under console

-Abel Components Traction control eliminator

-AEV Snap

-Alfa OBD


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Beautiful setup! Leif and the crew build what IMO is the best camper setup out there! I saw them when they still had only built their F-150 and fell in love.

Since everyone is thinking it, I thought I would ask first.
gas mileage? Too scared to calculate? :LOL:
I'm in a 2012 Tundra with topper camper, between my lead foot and v8 I'm right around 8-10 mpg in mountains or high plains 😭
We don't setup and use our trucks based on the mpg but curious before and after what you get.

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