Anybody still carrying a Hi Lift Jack?


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I'm still dragging mine around everywhere. My current one I've had since 1992, Used it a lot on an old CJ-7 and K5 Blazer but I've been thinking lately maybe its not the must have tool it once was. I currently have 2002 Silverado with a pop up camper, there are not to many attachment spots, and the newer vehicles have even fewer flat spots, It definitely takes some skill to use one with out damaging your vehicle or yourself
I see lots of really shiny new Hi Lifts on all sorts of very offroad capable vehicles.
I honestly haven't needed mine in at least ten years, I carry a couple of bottle jacks and a fair amount of cribbing, two sets of Maxxtrax and a shovel.

I guess what has me second guessing this sacred cow is my new truck camper and lack of storage space....



Nowadays they are only seldom needed for a variety of reasons but i will always find a way to fit mine in. They store a lot easier if you brake them down and keep the foot and jacking mechanism separate


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I agree, It just doesn't seem right going out without it. I'm sure I'll always have it close by if nothing else the handle makes a great cheater bar :)


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I never started carrying one.

I think it's a valuable tool. I just don't think it's useful enough often enough to be worth it's considerable weight and bulk in my current setup. I do usually carry a bottle jack if I plan on doing any significant 4x4 trails, and I don't if I'm staying on reasonably passable roads (stock jack still lifts my tires.) And I've read the whole "you must have a Hi-Lift" speech multiple times. I've even been present for a recovery where one was used and was quite useful, I think if the situation called for it, we would have found another way without it. There might come a time I'll wish I had one, but I don't want to cart it around waiting for that day.

I think there is a point of diminishing returns when you try to bring everything that might help in a bad situation, that the gear brought starts becoming a liability and creates hassles. More weight, more complexity, more things to keep up with. It's a burden on the vehicle which adds stress to things that might not break yet if you don't push them, it sags the suspension so you are more likely to get hung up, and you are heavier so when you do hang your hung tighter.

I know of some people that talk about carrying multiple spare tires, spare parts like axles and driveshafts, portable welders, ALL their tools, and other heavy items, and I can't help but wonder if there is not some correlation between being so overloaded to be prepared for anything and the enhanced likelihood of having major component failures.

There is also something to be said for being aware of your situation and avoiding the need for such items in the first place. You can be a bit braver if you are with a group and everyone combined has all variety of recovery and repair gear, vs. just you and what you have with you.

So no, for now I don't carry one, haven't up to this point, and don't plan to in the near future.

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:sombrero: Good points--

I still carry my Hi-Lift Jack on serious trips.

It is a great tool but must be treated with respect and used safely.

The jack can be used on a 2" receiver hitch.

This might be a good accessory to use on rigs that don't have lifting points.

I've been carrying mine for over 45 years and have used it probably--50/80 times on my trucks (trailer hitch)/jeeps/0ff-road vehicles and many times as assistance for others in trouble-I also carry an ELECTRIC JACK--priceless-

Don't leave home without it !!

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I agree, It just doesn't seem right going out without it. I'm sure I'll always have it close by if nothing else the handle makes a great cheater bar :)
Ain't that the truth?

Bent skid plate...


Hi-Lift handle to the rescue!


I should mention that Hi-Lifts are useful to my outfit. I use it to stabilize the truck and prevent getting seasick when sleeping in the 'Nest. Plus it was really handy when I had to use Marlin's also unnecessary mobile welder to repair a leaf spring pack.

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I've used mine a few times, mostly to help recover other people's rigs. The wheel lift attachment is a crucial piece of equipment with the jack in my opinion. I had to help a friend recover his Silverado that sank to the frame into some melted out permafrost on a section of trail. We used a 6ft section of 2x12 to distribute the weight from the jack and lifted each individual wheel all the way out of the muck in order to get a traction board underneath them. I don't think there would've been a better tool for the job in that case.


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Last time I was out solo and stuck in the snow I was sure glad I had it. If I only went out with groups I might leave it at home.


I've been carrying and using a Hi-Lift off road for better than 20 years without any formal training aside from RTFM...


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I always carry mine in the truck, mainly because when I go out I'm the only one that has one and nobody has winches in our group. Plus it's handy around the farm for pulling fence posts and the like.

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I used to but never ever needed it. I’ve been stuck a few times but my winch got me out of those jams and my integrated jack stand /bottle jack and or shovel has done the trick every other time. Not saying they aren’t handy in the right situation but I found it to be dead weight with the way I use my rig. Hopefully I’m not jinxed now!

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Mine lives on my D110 on the back so it’s out of the way and easy. I’ve used it a few times, but could have used something else if required. I use that truck for tougher trips so I don’t mind carrying it. In the RRC and the Series 1 I just carry a bottle jack, appropriate to the weight of each vehicle.

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