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I have a small Columus Variant and simply torqued the fasteners snug in combination with blue thread locker. I did not tighten to a specific torque. The tent has been mounted for 18 months and has not moved or come loose. Yes the 6 NW should be 6 NM. I have a torque wrench and could have hit this mark for the fasteners but it it seemed unnecessary. The most likely consequence of excess torque would be to bend the plate that mounts under your cross bars. Higher torque will not stress the fiberglass of the tent given how the recessed metal track in the base of the tent takes all the load.

It is a great tent. So easy to deploy and stow and much lighter than most of the competition. But be sure to wax it at least every six months especially if stored outside. The gelcoat finish otherwise oxidizes very easily. This is my only criticism of the tent.
What are you using for a wax? Just run of the mill Turtle wax?


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What are you using for a wax? Just run of the mill Turtle wax?
I use Meguiars Premium Marine Wax. Not sure if it is actually any better than the usual Turtle Wax products but it works well and is easy to apply.



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Where did people buy their Autohome. I've found two dealers both 5+hrs away from me. Are there any "online " retailers besides


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Hi roof toppers. I'm considering one of these as a stopgap for camping on top of my Super Duty ARE shell this year while I build out my dream camper. Well, have it built for me anyway. Alas most builders are out months and months but I need a solution for this year while I wait. These Autohomes seem to be the cream of the crop. A few questions: how do they perform in rough weather, particularly high winds, and what do you do with your muddy boots?


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For "high" wind conditions (north of 20mph) I recommend the Maggiolina instead of the Columbus...unless you can sleep next to rolling freight trains or 18-wheelers. I've had both, although I've got 10+ years with my Columbus...but I've had a few sleepless nights where the winds were strong (in excess of 25mph) in the Columbus and the flapping of the fabric walls was very loud. Whereas the sidewalls of the Maggiolina are stretched tight therefore no excess fabric to flap.

From there, any roof top tent given enough wind (again, in the 25mph+ range) will sway by leveraging the vehicle's suspension.
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