Better overlanding 'truck' options in today's market for <$100K (USD)?

Sid Post

Did you ever end up getting a vehicle, or are you still trying to choose between a Mog and a Grenadier?

I'm going to wait on the Unimog option and see how the world settles down after the current hostilities with Russia/Ukraine, Hamas/Israel, and things in the Pacific Rim-Asia region with China being aggressive on Taiwan and the South China Sea regions contested by several nations.

I'm going to dip my toes into the Overlanding waters with an LX-570 and give the Grenadier some time to mature in the marketplace. If it lives up to expectations, I will likely get one of those since the Jeep options don't appeal to me. The LX-570 will take me to ~90% of the places I want to go so it should be a safe option for today that will resell fairly easily in a year or two. It will also let me refine what I really want in an Overlander so, the Grenadier will be properly setup for what I really want after some experience on the road/trail.

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