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I installed some bedside rack panels in my F350 and had a few challenges. Hopefully this post will help out if you are considering or installing a system on your Ford truck.

My truck has a spray in bed liner, gooseneck package with trailer plugs in the bed, bed lights and a camper shell. The panels are compatible with all those accessories. The tools I used were box cutter, T30, T40 torx bits and awl.


The 2 primary challenges were the spray in liner and trailer plugs. With the spray in liner, I had to use a blade to cut the liner off the torx bolts, clean out the hole with the awl and cut the edges of the tie-down so I wouldn't pull up the liner when I take them off.
With the trailer plug, the tie-down on the lower left was blocked but I was able to get a decent angle by using an extension and opening the dust cover on the lower plug. See below.


Overall the quality is good, installation was easy with the noted challenges and the panels are very strong. I have no doubt that they will hold up to any abuse short of deliberate destruction. If you have a smaller truck like a Tacoma or Ranger, I would take the weight into consideration. They are heavy duty steel panels.


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Also, molle gear and storage solutions marketed to the offroad and camping market are overpriced in my opinion. The tool bags and pouches sold at hardware stores are much cheaper and practical alternatives.
For example:

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