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Oil eater.
Got a new Hallmark Everest. We picked it up 02/07 from Hallmark.



We have the Alucab wing canopy and we added the room kit to it. I do a lot of bird hunting, and I like to cook outside the camper so this will help me keep the dogs in the shade in their kennels when it's warm out.


There's quite a bit of room in there, plenty of tie out areas and a sod cloth to help keep it from flapping everywhere.



We're right in the middle of a big remodel, and we're sleeping the camper while our wood floors are getting finished.


And the dogs approve.


This is my second Hallmark. 11 years ago I bought a used Guanella from Hallmark, and it was an awesome rig. After 5 years I had over 300 nights in the camper.


Many, many below zero and blizzard condition nights. Kept cozy in the camper. Biggest regret was selling that camper. We'll keep our new rig around. We look forward to retiring with it.
Can you have a made up bed with that and have the top come down?
Nice little solo trip this past weekend to kayak and explore a fire tower. I am liking how versatile this little set up is. Installed my air bags and new front brakes. More upgrades to come.


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We have an Iceco 40VL fridge in the backseat of the truck. I like keeping my dry food and fridge in the cab. Leaves a lot more room living space in the bed. All I I keep in the bed to cook is a backpack stove, pot, coffee cup, coffee and a few snacks. I need to have my coffee first thing in the morning! The set up is really pretty good. Super comfortable and since I need to use my truck like a truck it’s very easy and quick to install and remove.
Cool setup. Easy cheezy. What do you do for a fridge?

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