Canadian Forces G270 "G-Wagon" being sold surplus, first I have seen.


I keep any eye on the GC Surplus daily while at work, saw this and thought I'd post it up. Certainly not a gem and needs a fair bit of work, but nothing more than an engine swap/rebuild and some interior refab cant fix. If the tranny/axles are in good working shape, you could probably throw $10-15K at it and have a solid Expo Vehicle. That being said, opening bid is $1500, I wonder what it will go for.

With the cutout for the C9 (M249) gunner in the top, my head brings me some pretty cool ideas of a RTT on top with access to get into it from the cab. Looking at the pictures, everything looks to be there. The internor has lots of the internals comms suite missing but thats not a big deal, really looks to be pretty together from what I can see.

I wonder how much it will go for. I already see on person asking for shipping quotes on UShip for it.
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Wow, so many valuable parts on it. Could be revived with a lot of money. I would love something like this to stick in the back of the shed/barn.


I like the rear recovery points on the frame very much but the ones on my custom bumper are just as good:)

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I think it will be sold at a high price. Even if you can fix it, you will never be able to register it. Not in canada and to young to register in the states. But there are a lot of very specific parts that are only for military g's. Who wants an armored front door? We will see tomorrow


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This vehicle was listed erroneously and the sale was cancelled by the Canadian DOD.
It looks like there are no current plans to sell these to the public.


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That would really be too bad.
The guy I spoke with at GCSurplus said he got a call from Ottawa to pull the auction.
I have been having fun with the VIN on EPC though.
I can only imagine how sweet it would have been to go through the suspension and some of the other many interesting bits still on the truck.

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they told me that it will not be relisted. I verified GC surplus for a long time period and I never have seen military vehicles for sale. I don't understand why they did not pulles from the auction before. I wished I could have those wide fender flares.

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