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We don't really have a separate section for "lighting" but I thought I'd throw this out there: Does anyone have a recommendation for a rechargeable flashlight?

I've been carrying a D-cell mag lite since forever but it seems like I don't check the batteries often enough and when I actually need it, the light is dim or the batteries are dead. With all the advances in rechargeable battery technology, it seems to me there ought to be a reasonably priced rechargeable flashlight available, preferably something that can stay in the truck, perhaps plugged into a USB port or 12v port, so it is always charged and ready no matter what.

Does anybody have one you like? One you could recommend?


I think it's a great thread topic and one I haven't seen before. Unfortunately there are just too many out there to know what is available, good, bad or ugly without consulting like minded people.

All that said, I'm in the same boat. I have a new overlandy vehicle and I want to mount a great light near the driver's seat. I have a few but haven't bought one in years and I know there are some amazing lights out there.

I have a few requirements of lights these days that I never used to.
First and foremost, LED of course but that's pretty much everything available.
Second, magnetic base
Third, rechargeable without some proprietary cable

Here is a utility light I have and love but it's not really a flashlight. It is, however, wonderful around camp/vehicle. A quick disclaimer that though it looks like Chinazon junk it is in fact a phenomenal light. I've been abusing mine in my work truck for years now:

Second is one I have an older model of in one vehicle and am considering this newer model for my other vehicle. Nebo has been around awhile and they make great lights:


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I have 3 Nebo Sliders..One has been in my work truck for 3 years. Still works perfectly and is used daily..


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I am a huge fan of Streamlight. They actually have a line of USB rechargeables, either to an external battery or to the light itself (I have both). Their customer service is also top notch.


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I have both of these:

Streamlight 88081 ProTac HL 5-X USB 3500-Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight With 2 SL-B26 Battery Pack, Dual USB Cord and Wrist Lanyard, Black - Box Packaged

Streamlight 88054 ProTac HL USB 1000-Lumen Multi-Fuel USB Rechargeable Professional Tactical Flashlight with 120-Volt AC/12-Volt DC Charger, and Holster, Black, Box
I have a couple of these things. One stays in each car.
I seldom care whats 100 yards away. These things broadly illuminate the immediate 40' or so. Really nice when I chain up after dark...
They contain two 18650 cells and room for a third which I added. Obviously extended its run time considerably.
Out of abundance of caution, I dont leave them charge 24/7. But the lamps and cars get used often enough, it wont be more than a day or so before its unplugged then put away until next time.
No price on the website. Very strange.


Check out a site called candlepowerforum. More info than you could ever read.
I have used a Streamlight everyday at work for years and years and would recommend the brand. Have personally used the lifetime warranty and been pleased.
You will just need to look around and see what there is as the options are endless as far as brand, quality, style (work light, traditional flashlight etc)
I actually just bought one of the Amazon brand x multi pack of stick type work light that seems ok so far.

This site could use a lighting forum….
Vehicle lighting interior and exterior as well as handheld, headlamp etc.
Would be nice to have all the info in one area.


We run a Niteize Inova flashlight w/ base station. It simply snaps into the base and charges, without a silly charging cable.

Charging base station is right inside the entry door, so the flashlight is always charged and ready to go.

Its a nice light, with zero BS. And with a hard wired base, its proven a great setup. Only downside is the odd lack of lanyard loop on the light itself. So Ive added a paracord wrap to the handle with a wrist strap/loop

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Streamlite for my every nite use.
Bright rechargeable and dependable for years of work. Have given mine a hard life for more than 15 years and love it. Many different sizes and all are very reliable. My go to by choice and am very confident about that.


For less than $100 you can get surefire, streamlight, petzl, or princeton tec lights of many diff configs. Many use AA or AAA rechargeable batteries, if using 123a or 18650 is not your thing.

There is no excuse to buy chinese knock offs

You can also get led bulbs for mag lights if you really love it. Maglight also has many many led lights now as well



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My kids laugh at the number of flashlights I own. I have been using Streamlight Flashlights for 40 years. I have carried flashlights for work and have found the Streamlights to be great quality and a good value. Streamlight is an American company and the warranty was lifetime. They have rechargeable flashlights of different sizes and brightness. Some charge in a charging cradle (Stinger or Strion) and some have a power cord that plug into the body of the flashlight or battery. I carry their lights as edc and have two mounted in cradles in my vehicle.
There are cheaper, foreign made products that are available but I stand by these lights. Most of my brother and sister LEOs and firefighters use Streamlight flashlights.
Just my personal opinion.


For a primary light, I'd recommend an 18650, USB rechargeable headlamp. Whatever a flashlight will do, a headlamp will do better. I'd recommend something with multiple brightness levels, capable of 1000+ lumens or more. You don't always need to run at the highest brightness level, but it's nice to have it available when needed. Fenix, Nitecore, Zebralight, Thrunite, and O-light are some of the popular ones on the market. I have at least one light from each of them and they're all pretty similar in function and performance. Most of the major manufacturers like black diamond, petzl, and surefire haven't kept up with the latest headlamp tech, they're still decent, but for the price you can get something better. Maglites are considered dinosaurs now and are really only useful if you need a club disguised as a flashlight

Nowadays I can't see any reason to stay with AA or AAA batteries for a car light when USB charging is available. Most AA's can't supply the current needed for a high power LED flashlights. Even for camping/backpacking, I'd still recommend going with 18650 or some other type of lithium battery, the performance dwarfs any type of AA battery available. I would avoid any type of cradle charger and get a direct plug.

I also keep an 18650 flashlight (not headlamp) in the door pocket of every car, just for quick things. I just get whatever comes in multi-packs on amazon because they get used and loaned out, or my kids take them, so I'm not inclined to spend a lot of money on them.
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I have a box full of cheap flashlights, they all work well.

My EDC is just a Lumi Tact with an adjustable beam, when it's pulled back to the narrowest beam it has a target that shows up, guess it's good for my Semi-auto BullPup 12 Ga.

Back in the day I always wanted to invent a good solar flashlight without batteries. The only time I had trouble was when it was dark, otherwise a good concept I'd say.

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