External Speaker to Use with a Yaesu-FTM400

I'm looking for suggestions on what speaker to use with a YaesuFTM400 mounted within a Ram Mount console. I'd like something that is relatively flat and able to mount on the passenger side of the console. I'm looking for something hardwired, not Bluetooth. Here's a picture of the console with the main body of the radio mounted inside the console. I'm also planning to mount a cooling fan, just have to figure out the best spot for it.
Thanks, Durwin

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Thank you very much for the links. That's been about the size I've been finding. A passenger will be sitting on the right and that size might bump against them. This console has been a long-term project anyways.


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I mounted mine on a thin plywood plate under my seat. I painted everything black, and it worked out pretty well. Can't see it, and its plenty loud...unless I am blasting down the highway at 80 mph with the windows down, then its almost loud enough :)


If I were you, I'd look for a speaker that I could mount in either the "A" pillar trim or perhaps in the overhead console. Locating the speaker so it can be aimed at the user allows for lower volume settings.

I know that wasn't the plan. Just my thoughts.


I used the Kenwood Ham radio speaker, mounted it right in the center of the headliner. I could have the volume very low and was able to hear extremely clear.


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Save the space on the ram mount for other (important) stuff. Put the speaker on the side or under the dash, seat, etc..

Nice set up BTW!!


There's been plenty of advice about an external speaker. FWIW, I use old cast-off Motorola HSN1006 units that used to be all over hamfests and eBay.

Generally speakers don't have to rocket surgery, you want one that's loud enough and most anything you find in ham, commercial radios or otherwise will work. So it's a matter of finding one that fits your space and budget.

But I did want to mention that the FTM-400 external speaker needs to be specially wired. They usually come with a mono plug, which can damage the audio amplifier. Tim Yvonne discusses it on his website.


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