Family learning to snowboard?

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Take the kids snowboarding! They will have a blast. I used to teach and I taught students form ages 5-65 and they all had a great time although honestly usually the kids are the faster learners. I taught at a tiny ski slope in NC call Appalachian Ski Mountain. We get a ton of people from Florida, and in my opinion small slopes are the cheapest and best to learn on. Learn somewhere small like on the east coast and save your money, then when everyone is a little better go to Tahoe and you will have more fun and be able to appreciate it. I now live in Colorado and am glad that I learned on small icy hills of the East Coast, and I am an excellent rider now because of it.

Take a lesson or two and you will have more fun. Trying to learn on your own can make it miserable and turn your kids off from snow sports all together.


Do it! It’s true that skiing is NOT inexpensive…but it is an awesome way to enjoy the mountains.
I think the base might have gear for you to borrow/rent inexpensively? I am not military but isn’t this usually the case? I live in a big Navy area and I know the Guys here get outdoor gear from the base…

If you find you do want to ride/ski more frequently craigs is your Friend for gear. There is a ton of ski/snowboard gear for pennies on the dollar. Have any bindings checked by a certified shop.

I agree the best way to start is a small area, if you go at non-peak times you might get a “private” lesson for your Family at a “group” rate. It is true that package prices are discounted to help get people hooked on the sport…so take advantage of lift/lesson/rental pkgs.
After you get some gear, you could go hang at a local sledding hill to practice…but get some basics skills from an instructor first. When you plateau you can grab another lesson…

When you start to go more frequently, if you are smart about it you can pre-buy tix on-line, look for Family specials, ski/stay pkgs, etc.

There are ways to cut costs if you use your head.
We bring our own food, sometimes even bring the TC and “camp” in the base area parking lot (if allowed).

Skiing/riding is a great Family activity. Plan for shorter days on the slope when the kids are want to keep it fun. We sometimes ski/ride a.m. and then snowshoe after's fun to mix it up.

Your Kids are at a great age to start, you might just get them hooked for life!


HelloA3MON, I have been skiing since I was five and anytime someone asks me help to learn how to ski, I always just say to sign up for classes. That might sound harsh, but just sign up for the morning lessons, and then in the afternoon, ski together. It is really the best way to learn, lessons in the morning and then continue the educations to utilize what you have learned and ski with other family members learning to ski. The best beginner ski area that has fabulous runs and delicious restaurants is Northstar! It has less tricky of runs, but fewer tourist attractions. If you are looking for a place with more diversity for snow sports, then you should go to Squaw. It has an ice rink and a really fun innertubing! Let me know if you have any other questions! :)


Autism Family Travellers!
I am taking my 10 year old son who has autism and my wife snowboarding for the first time in the next couple of weeks. I am setting up private lessons for them, and I am going to stay with them to help. I have snowboarded since I was around 13....I am 40 now, and have not stepped on a board in 20 years! ha ha. Its like riding a bike tho. I have not skateboarded in 25 years, my oldest bought a skateboard a few years ago.....I said lemme see that, I pulled a 180 kickflip in front of him and his friend, in my workboots and landed it. handed him back his board and said thanks...ha ha .....should have seen their faces. Anyone who says snowboarding is expensive never had a kid in hockey in Canada. NUTS money there. I cant wait to get back on the hill....

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