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I need a recommendation for a pair of full-power gmrs radios. I just got the license and want to use the radios primarily to keep in touch with the wife while camping in areas without cell service. She had stated that she wanted to get a ham license about 6 years ago --- yeah, that ain't happening.

I don't want to get all-in on the gmrs lifestyle. Just want an appliance. Simple. Arrive programmed, etc. FRS programmed in a plus.

I went on Amazon but the sheer quantity of them was staggering.



Do you have a budget number in mind?

The Wouxun KG-805G and KG-905G are probably some of the better GMRS radios but they're not cheap. You can spend more if you want additional features but these two in particular are known to be good GMRS radios.

By better in this case I mean actually takes advantage of the things that differentiate GMRS from FRS - higher power and wider bandwidth where it's allowed along with (apparently) legitimate FCC IDs.

You have to be wary of a lot of GMRS radios because they pack what are IMO pointless features in lieu of providing a solid radio where it matters. I mean the name brands here. They're not bad radios but who cares if they don't get you 5W or 20KHz bandwidth?


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Thanks, Dave. I had a Wouxun HT years ago ---- it mostly worked well but the receiver was funny and near-band strong signals splashed in like crazy.
Did Wouxun get better since then? I lost the HT on a hike and switched to the bright orange/yellow Baofengs. Easier to spot in leaves...


Did Wouxun get better since then?
I can't say firsthand but that won't stop me from speculation. There's a couple of designs from which all these Chinese radios derive.

The standard free-for-all, work everywhere radios are usually direct conversion architecture based on a RDA1846 IC (e.g. the UV5R, etc). The main problem with these isn't necessarily the radio-on-a-chip concept but that they just make a cheap radio with terrible filtering. Being so frequency agile is the crux because, as you of course know, it's possible to make an agile radio but the tracking filters aren't trivial nor cheap to do it well.

Those two Wouxun radios I mention are not RDA1846-based AFAIK but a traditional superhet design, so the anecdotal evidence (they are popular with GMRS enthusiasts) might be favorable. That's not to say I'd be particularly hopeful but, meh, anything's possible.

Personally, I prefer to use the known to be good Kenwood dual listed commercial and GMRS radios but they usually require programming.


I have been happy with the Garmin RINO collection. Used them when the kids were younger to keep track of them in parks. They have perhaps the best FRS/GMRS radio out there and it's from a GPS company go figure.


Yeah perhaps they are lower power but overall I have had much better luck with them on simplex and duplex compared to another brand 15W and 40W radios. The audio was a bit low due to waterproofing but you can adjust it up a bit in the settings. I will not argue that they are pricey if you are just looking for a radio.

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