Goal Zero Yeti 400 Experiences?


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Not sure if this has been posted here or not but GZ has finally come out with their lithium friendly 12v charging cord.

Out of curiosity, will the regulated 12V car charging cable also charge the regular Yeti 400?


My Yeti 400 (not Lithium) won't run an ARB fridge from the 12v port, but will from the 120v. I reached out to GZ and their response was "This issue may be related to a surge, which can be mitigated with a 6mm extension cord to use in conjunction with the 6mm to cigarette adapter." They are sending me one to try. Hoping it works!


I received the 6mm extension cord and it works! I don't understand why but it does. I haven't run it too long but it was hooked up and running for a couple hours. The ARB was already cold so it was just keeping temp while inside my house. So not a big load on it yet, but seems promising.

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My old Yeti 400 has run my ARB fridge each summer for several years. Now the Yeti will only run the fridge for about 8 hours during the day, but that is with the fridge on a platform in the back seat of my truck in the hot desert sun (90-100+ outside and fridge set at 32 for ice cold beverages after hiking and exploring). My fridge easily runs off the 12v outlet in my truck while driving. I normally recharge the Yeti at night while back at camp with 110V.


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Hopefully this finds someone! Did anyone figure out a solution for this? I just had this exact issue come up this weekend with my new Dometic CFX3. I happened to have the cigarette lighter to 6mm adapter already which worked for the rest of the trip, but it sounds like that is not a reliable solution.

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