Hanzos 2007 RCSB Tundra Build


So after a long break from having a 4x4 (kids, work, house, etc put it on the back burner), I finally bought rig to start building and going on adventures with my son in. Its is pretty much my dream tundra. Regular cab short bed, 4x4, 5.7 V8, TRD package, and everything else is super basic...manual windows and doors, no cruise, bench seat. The build its self is going to be pretty much restoration and catching up on maintenance for awhile but hoping to progress to overlanding mods as time goes on.



Took care of a few things today on the truck. First on the list was going through and doing a deeeeeeep clean. When I called about the truck they insisted it was a non-smoker vehicle but after a 13 hour drive from Michigan to North Carolina I found out they weren't being completely honest on that front. The truck didn't stink horribly but it was for for sure smoked in. So I went and got together some cleaning supplies to get after it.

Also snagged one of these to see if it will help at all

There wasn't that big of a difference on most the of the interior but the headliner cleaned up nicely (I think that's what smelled the worse ). Overall it was already a really clean truck but looks almost new now.

Next on the list was to put the gear I already had in the truck so I got it sorted out and put in. Rain gear, hat and gloves, first aid kit, flash light with extra battery and charger adapter, and my little hiking/fishing pack with the pictured supplies.

Threw the first aid in the glove box but stored the flashlight, charger, and clothes in the under-seat compartment in the middle section.

Then wrapped my hiking/fishing pack around the flip up center counsel.
1583959404_9e7a7d40-0163-4906-83b4-153ad4afc6c2_mmthumb.jpg 1583959425_1046e90c-e9f1-44f8-805e-c8899be243e1_mmthumb.jpg

Last on the list today was putting in the co-captains chair.


I like those reg cabs with the huge space behind the seats. I’ve been daydreaming about a similar build (except with an F-150). Add a topper, maybe 2” lift, 33’s, and you’ll have pretty much what I want. Will get me to all of my favorite camp spots and be able to sleep comfortably in the back.


I like those reg cabs with the huge space behind the seats. I’ve been daydreaming about a similar build (except with an F-150). Add a topper, maybe 2” lift, 33’s, and you’ll have pretty much what I want. Will get me to all of my favorite camp spots and be able to sleep comfortably in the back.

Thats pretty much my baseline goals after getting everything up to snuff and adding some stock mods (cruise and usb stereo input are top of the list) The space behind the cab is great, been doing some online window shopping and I am thinking some front runner Wolfpack’s and a fridge would fit behind the seats really well.


Today I just took off the dealer plate and side steps then threw on my clevis receiver hitch. Heading to Chicago for the weekend so wont be getting much done on the truck, but next inline is trying to remove the old tint on the back and door windows and a debadge.2D866798-D4E5-4016-AA07-7DC3709C5FE1.jpeg

In the pictures it doesn't make that much of a difference but in person I think it looks way better.


Almost looks like it has a plastic floor? How do you like that steam cleaner? Nice truck.

The floors are plastic, but I used the carpet cleaner with a house to clean the headliner and seats. Worked pretty good but there’s still a slight smell of smoke in the cab. Also it left some stained in tighter areas too small for the house attachment.


Re-redoing things the third time
You have a bit of a unicorn truck, the RCSB is rare to start with but optioned with 4wd and trd is exceedingly uncommon.

Looking forward to it, and welcome as a fellow GRM member.



Called off the trip this weekend to Chicago so going to debadge the truck and try my hand at cleaning up the headlights (driver side is pretty bad) instead. Any pro-tips on doing these two things? Also looking into new headlight bulbs, I would like something better than stock but don't want those bright blue looking things. Any suggestions for plug-n-play units? Are LEDs the way to go?


So I went ahead and debadged the truck today. Used a heat gun and some glass cleaner to remove the excess glue. Started on the tailgate and it turned out really good.

But then disaster struck when I went to do the side badge. The painted started to come off with the side badge :-(....so not sure where to go form here...thinking maybe to talk to a body shop about removing the badges and fixing the pain? Any advice? Everything was coming off under the badge so I just pushed it back against the body while it was still warmed up. Seems to be holding okay but definitely a short term solutions that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Next on the list is removing the old tint then addressing my headlights. Going to order two new housings and upgrade the builds. One headlight its discolored and they aren't as bright as I would like, especially with all the deer around here.

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