How many MPG on your ~250CC Bike

I keep hearing/reading stories of folks logging anywhere from 94-104mpg on their small bikes; weather they be dual sports or 250CC Rebels. Can anyone confirm these seemingly "Tall Tales"??

I am considering one for my daily commute (35miles - No highway) top speed of 55 for 7 miles. I weigh 240#'s. I don't expect to go fast; this would be a point A to B bike, with some fun dirt roads mixed in.

Thanks for the input :bike_rider:


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Last guy I spoke with who rode a 250 rebel was getting about 70mpg. A well tuned BMW F650 will get about 60-70 too...

Scooters will do 100mpg.

My Honda XR650L routinely got 50-55mpg, and my GS, if I'm not throttle happy, gets about 40mpg.

Either way...I can still run $20 in gas for a month of commuting on the GS....:wings:



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My 2004 Suzuki DR200SE consistently gets 90-95 MPG from a mix of suburban 30-50 MPH. I'm 140 Lb. (The bike has a 3.4 gallon tank, too, so the range is useful.)

Its still going to take 18000 miles to recoup the cost of the bike and riding gear vs driving my 17 MPG Jeep at $4 a gallon. A fun 18000 miles but that's a long way to commute.



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Backwoods Rambler said:
Are you sure that's not Miles Per Tank? Just checking.

Thanks for the replies.

Nope, if I remember correctly the last two tanks were 243 miles on 2.5 gallons and 240 miles on 2.6 gallons.



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My Super Sherpa averages about 72 mpg with mixed riding.
I've has as good as 92 mpg.


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My average from the last two tanks of mixed street commuting, woods riding, and highway trail connecting (at 60-70 mph), I got right at 70 MPG. This is an XR250 with stock gearing burning 92 octane at 5000-8000 ft.


I have a 2006 KLX250S and a Xr650l. I dont think they are getting above 70 miles per gallon?? That seems very high. The KLX will hold less than 2 gallons of gas and will go about 100 mile on it. The XR 650 gets about 45 miles per gallong.


1994 XR 600 If on the gas I get around 33 mpg and cruising 43 mpg
2002 XR 250 gets about 55 mpg with the wife riding and it is regeared 3 teeth smaller on the rear.

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