Human ?, Part Two (since the original got locked)

Here in the great state of New Mexico, the forest service burned 290k acres they didn't use tp... but they did use the benefit of high winds.
Just saying..
Yeah. Floristas "delayed burning in March because there was snow on the ground." HUH? And before that in 2000 the National Park Service burned the Santa Clara Pueblo watershed on a red flag day. The US Army started a grassland fire at Ft. Carson in 2018. However - I've doused campfires left by campers who "didn't want to have to relight when they got back at suppertime." So we still need everyone to learn proper methods and help.


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I believe that "ba-dum, tiss" is called...a RIMshot...
it's a flam and cymbal, a rim-shot is striking the rim of the head and the drum head at the same time, sometimes done by placing a drum stick on the head of the drum and the rim then striking that stick with another. ! You can ask Alexa.
I never burned TP, it goes down the toilet or gets buried or it gets mailed to elected officials for review.

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