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It is an EU MY24 requirement - so it is not on MY23 vehicles, hence the widespread confusion.
Again...simply not ready for prime time. The whole thing is bespoke, but we already see the embarrassment of tits load imitations in the EU, and now little (big?) things like wheelwell intrusion and stupid software mistakes.

To make a similar connection: I am awaiting the concerns that will pop up, especially in the rust belt, where I live, with the Maverick. Lots of choices made to get to a price point, and I know that it will be an issue down the road.

With the Gren, we don't know what we don't know, but this thing is such a mess all around. I fully expect hand-wringing in the near future, along the lines of "I don't know why people didn't buy it!" It will be like EV sales on a smaller scale: first/early adopters are in, and no one joins.

The easy money market is quickly going away, so fewer and fewer could blow coin on this.


Picked up our Trialmaster two weeks ago and thought I'd update this thread with my thoughts. Overall I really, really like the Grenadier. It drives more like a truck than the new Defender (had a 2021 that I sold). At first it was slightly more involved with the different steering inputs but after 200ish miles I was used to it and it's a non issue. It's ever so slightly bigger than the Defender and the rear storage has better access. You sit more on top of the Grenadier vs tucked inside as on the Defender. Other than the view out the back with the split doors the visibility is better and I have fewer blind spots. May install an aftermarket rear view camera similar to the ClearSight one I had on the Defender at some point. It's not as high tech as the Defender, which I knew going in and shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Road noise is similar, maybe a little less in the Grenadier (I had the expedition roof rack on our Defender, likely the same once I find a rack or roof bars I like). Stereo was much better in the Defender, which is to be expected going from the top end Meridian system to four speakers. I figured I could always upgrade the system in the Grenadier a bit if I want.

I read every Grenadier review out there and watched every video I could find. There are some people who've complained about the footwell bump for RHD drivers and some that have said it's not an issue. Doesn't bother me when I've ridden on the passenger side. Like most things out there on the various forums I visit, be it watches, guns, cars - the commentary is largely the same with similar personalities debating the pro's and con's. The people that like it will largely like it and those that don't (and many times wearn't buying it anyways) will find the negatives. Not saying the Grenadier is perfect and I was able to go in with eyes wide open since our counterparts in Europe have had the vehicle for around a year now.

In the end I'm happy with the move and I'd do it again. While I always liked the new Defender for what it was, the Grenadier is what I would have bought the first time had it been available. Just turned over 1,500 miles on the vehicle. To me it fits in with the GWagon Professional and the original Defender. If anyone has some experience with the previous GWagon (we have a G550) - feels almost the exactly same, just ever so slightly bigger. I'm just glad they brought it over to the US! Feel free to ask any questions and take care!

The 'extreme offroad' pics are from our recent trip through one of our National Park's on the fire/access roads with the kids. IMG_6903.jpgIMG_6886.jpgIMG_6895.JPG.jpgIMG_0438.jpg


@Copple - nice review and pics! Do you feel that the g550 is equally capable offroad without any modifications? im wondering what truck would be more reliable long term a 2013-2018 G550 with 50k miles or a new IG.


@Copple - nice review and pics! Do you feel that the g550 is equally capable offroad without any modifications? im wondering what truck would be more reliable long term a 2013-2018 G550 with 50k miles or a new IG.
Our original plan was to sell the G550 for the Grenadier. In the end my wife decided she liked her GWagon more, which was fine with us as it just suits her more. The Mercedes dealer local to us is awful but we were fortunate enough to find a Euro shop that specializes in these cars. If we had to rely on the dealer we’d sell the GWagon. We were fortunate to have a bunch of things taken care of under warranty that would have been expensive otherwise. Love the G550 but if you don’t have the capability to work on it yourself or have a good independent shop it can be expensive. I’d also worry about how it was maintained by the previous owner. Read an article a while back where the GWagon was called the ‘air cooled 911 of the SUV world’ and I’d have to agree with that comparison.

Having owned the Grenadier for a few weeks now I feel like it’s more similar to the GWagon than the original Defender that everyone wants to compare it to (makes sense given who designed it). Everything from the driving position, interior layout and to me the design looks like our G550, just upsized ever so slightly. Feels more capable than the GWagon off road and has more articulation. My hope is it’ll be more reliable as there’s just less to go wrong. It’s not as posh and the GWagon or my new Defender, but that was the design intent from the beginning. Theoretically there’s less to fail or go wrong on the Grenadier - my new Defender needed two new headlights to replace the failed driving LED signature surround. Replaced under warranty but it would have been $4,000 out of warranty as it’s one sealed unit. Hard to fathom a repair that expensive for a silly light. So long term my thinking is the Grenadier will be pretty reliable and less expensive to work on/maintain.


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I was in Colorado Springs during Christmas, and stopped by a dealer. First, they had 30+ on the lot, and all but 4 had sold signs. The sales lady told me people were flying or driving in from surrounding states to pick them up. An older gentleman from New Mexico was picking one up. He told me he didn't need it, just wanted it.

Well, the Grenadier is super attractive in person. The interior, dash, buttons, etc., were all impressive. The colors are as well super nice, to the point I’d have difficulty picking one? What I was told (someone may have already stated this here?), there is just the one model, and it’s the options that make it what it is. I think it would be helpful to see multiple Grenadiers in-person to pick options.

I don’t recall what the build time was? 8 weeks?







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