Introducing the Eezi-Awn Swift Awning


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Eezi-Awn Swift Awning, $480.00


This is the Swift Awning. It is a variation on the Bat and Manta awning design, but instead of 270 degrees of shade this one is only for the side. A rectangular shade footprint, created by 2 hinged rafter arms. One forward and one back, held in place with a torsion rod between the ends of the rafter arms. I creates a 89" Long by 84" Outward shade footprint. The case is 5"x6"x95", and weighs 34 pounds. Same mounting brackets, rafter arms, integrated legs and case as the Bat and Manta. It can be a free standing awning in no wind conditions. The kicker is that while the Manta is over $1400, this awning is under $500. The mounting brackets require a vertical mounting point roughly 2" wide by 5" tall.

In stock now.


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That is quite a nice price point. Do they plan on making any shorter versions?

Not at this time. The limiting factor is the length of the rafter arms, since they are non retracting and hinged. Shorter would mean less outward as well. We haven't heard of any plan to shorten the model.



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Looks great. Are there side panels etc available?


No walls yet. The attachment is a bit trickier on the hinged rafter arms as the awning material is attached right to the arm. I know they are looking at the option. We have walls for the Bat and Manta awnings. We'll have those up soon too.



I'm loving my Swift! The ease of use is awesome. I find i use the awning more since it is so easy to deploy and pack up. Thanks again Paul. Follow me on IG @RiDET4R for more updates. I will get more pics up soon.




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Hi Paul. Will you have this at OEX East? I am looking at options for a Chevy Tahoe with factory rack. I am wondering if your G clamp will work. It will only be mounted in preparation for trips. Thanks


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Is this awning really 95" closed?


Item #1360
Dimensions (Open) 84" L x 89" W | 2100mm L x 2250mm W
Dimensions (Closed) 95" L x 5" W x 6" H | 2400mm L x 130mm W x 150mm
Leg Height 92” H | 2300mm H
Mounting Brackets 3” L x 1/4" W | 75mm L x 6mm W; 1” (25mm) Center-to-Center
Material (Awning) 260-gram Waterproof Ripstop Canvas
Material (Cover) UV-Resistant PVC
Weight 34 lbs | 15 kg
Color (Awning) Beige
Color (Case) Silver
Item EZA415


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The bag that the awning is enclosed in measures 95" long. The extrusion on the back of the awning measures 90" long. There are 2-1/2" of extra bag material at each end to allow room to fold the cover back over the rear extrusion. The awning material itself measures 89" long.



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Is a wall kit now available for the Swift awning or still only for the Bat and Manta?

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