JDM Triple Locked Turbo Diesel 80 series


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It is with reluctancy I offer up my 1993 VX limited 80 series.

The land cruiser is Located near Seattle, Wa and I'm asking 42,000 OBO.

It was imported by Vans from Japan in 2019. At some point after July of 2018 and 10/02/2019 the speedometer and odometer were replaced. On 7/16/2018 the land cruiser had 128,035 KM on the dash, On 10/02/2019 the odometer showed 28,XXX km, the odometer now shows 62,578 km.

The motor is the legendary 1HZ diesel. In February of 2022 a turbo with an air to water intercooler was installed at 54,000km. At the same time, a new water pump, timing belt, thermostat, and upgraded "Blue hub" fan clutch was installed with heavier silicone oil for added cooling power. The turbo kit was purchased from Back 40 imports and uses all OEM Toyota parts with the exception of the air to water intercooler and the coolant T's that were added to the heater lines. This kit was over $5k without labor. A glow shift EGT and Boost gauge was installed. The turbo and engine are tuned to run at 10 PSI and the EGTs are never allowed over 1100 F.

This land cruiser is the "active vacation" model, which means it came from the factory equipped with a cooler and ice making center console. A stow-able sleeping platform, cabinetry, and a pull out sink and stove. (The stove was never used while I owned it and appears to have never been used prior). The VX, package includes power adjusting and folding mirrors, heated seats, and tons of other luxurious features.

There is a Sony apple car play/ android auto head unit installed. Most of the speakers have been replaced with aftermarket speakers.

The Front, Rear, and Center Differential Lock are all in operational order.

It is lifted 2" with Old Man Emu shocks and springs ( sprung for: Front- winch, bumper and Rear- Overlanding equipment / dual sport motorcycle.)
Old Man Emu Caster Correction was installed shortly after the lift and it was immediately aligned after the install.

Other additions include:
Ironman 4x4 winch bumper with Warn VR 10k winch (wireless remote and synthetic line).
Ironman 4x4 Snorkle
Trail Gear heavy Tie Rod and Ends.
Ironman 4x4 Heavy duty Drag Link
Falkon Wildpeak 315 tires.
Full size spare
Weboost cell phone signal booster.
6 gang switch
New batteries
Iron man 4x4 roof rack
Ironman 4x4 roof top tent
Home made solar shower (approximately 4 gallon capacity)
Recovery boards

(the lights pictured are not being included)

In April of 2022, I had Torfab (the go to Land Cruiser specialist on the west coast) go through the land cruiser and add some additional parts.) They rebuilt the knuckles, replaced the front bearings, the front breaks, installed the castor correction, and put a new intake manifold gasket in.

I also had them install a 3.1:1 low range gear set (trail gear) and (Sumo Gear) 10% reduction high gear in the transfer case. This made an incredible difference in both low and high gears.

I then replaced the rear brakes.

The oil has been changed every 3k miles and the fuel filter every 6k miles.

This has been my adventure wagon for 2 years and is dead reliable. For an interested buyer, assuming timing works out I am willing to drive it anywhere. It is the best off-road vehicle I have ever owned, and is pretty luxurious for being nearly 30 years old.

The bad:
The paint is starting to fade on the hood.
The windshield is cracked.
Tor-fab recommended replacing the Load proportioning valve for the rear breaks. I have the part but haven't replaced it yet.
The door trim is loose on the front doors.

That's pretty much it.

I'm sure I missed a bunch but I'll update as I remember or when folks ask questions. I can meet you at the airport, give you a meal and a place to stay and then send you on your way with your new land cruiser!


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