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Been snooping here for anwhile. My mkv gti is on solo werks s1 coilovers and om consideringnthis. Ill stick with 17s and just lift the coil perches to see where i sit from there maybe go with coilover spacers in the front and jeep spacers in the rear. Point being. Do i have to disconnect my sway bars with a 1-2" lift over stock or can i leave them connected? Regardless of the lift id still like to take corners without worring too much like i did in my tahoe on 35s with no sway bars lol thanks for all the info guys! Btw the tire im gonna run will prob be 215/60r17
Love this idea. Just think both the wagen and the hatch need a wider stance, offset wheels. Anytime you lift you should go wider to maintain stability, and it would just look much better too!


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I replaced the rear shock with new Bilstein 24-214667 shocks that I picked up from the local 4wheel parts store.

Hey Anti Bling, this build is so sweet! Love seeing a maxed-out MKV without cutting the fender arches like mldouthi did with his red rabbit. Love that build too.

Quick question: how did you determine what rear Bilstein shocks you wanted? It seems like the ones you have aren't made anymore? Did you just try to find some that were longer than the ProComps but softer than a typical truck application? What were the considerations you made when selecting? I've got the H&R Tig Lift Springs on order from ECS, so I'd like to get the most travel out of the lift! Would longer front stuts make sense as well? Seems like stock-length ones are ideal from what others are saying.

Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

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from what i remember. i had the guy at 4 wheel parts store take the length of the shock i was running added 2 inches extended length (if i remember correctly) and mounting points then checked to see what Bilstein shocks would fit. i went with a longer shock because the stock length shock was limiting the downward travel of the suspension. i went with the Bilstein shocks because i did not like the ride with the cheaper Procomp shocks.
the front struts are another story. i used the factory front rabbit struts because that's what i had laying around. the car was on coil overs but i hell onto the factory stuff just in case i wanted to return the car to stock. from what i remember the front struts did well with the H&R lifted springs but i might look into replacing them with a HD front strut in the future.
i had removed both sway bars because i was running H&R sway bars and misplaced the factory units. i might try to located some factory sway bars in the future.

last year i sold the rabbit to a buddy but as of yesterday i now own it again. its still in the same condition i sold it to him. i pick it up the story will continue with the offroad rabbit.
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Right on. Are you interested in the HD Bilsteins front struts just because they're beefier for faster off-road driving? I assume you'd be looking at the ones that are normal length for the Rabbit, not a longer version for a Tiguan or something else, right? Looks like you mentioned there was some knocking with the stock struts on the rebound going over bumps though, or am I misunderstanding.

Thanks for the help!


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I just ordered parts for the start of my list.

I have the Tig lift springs as well as hd bilstien for the rear and bilstien touring for the front

Is there going to be any interference i will run into with with this setup?


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Hey guys been following the thread for a while and im a first time poster but here is my lifted mk6 golf
Lift is tiguan stock springs on golf stock struts and shocks

215/70/15 geolandars on stock wheels

plastidipped matte black

rok blokz mud flaps

curt hitch installed

thule racks with curt cargo rack, with 28" led light bar

bull bar with two 5" led lights mounted

Future plans:

Bigger lift,
bigger tires
cut fenders
fender flares


This thread was one of my inspirations. :)

Lifted with front springs from Passat and a casing (not sure of the english word) to make the strut 65 mm longer. Rear springs from Golf wagon, a 50 mm spacer under the spring and relocated shocks ( 25x25x80 mm steel). The tires are 205/80-15.
It's only fwd but I built it to be able to go on bad gravel roads and so far I haven't got stuck. It has the factory "diff lock" where the ABS brakes the spinning wheel but I haven't tested it yet. :)
Only downside is the 1.6 liter engine, really slow with the bigger tires and extremely thirsty. Might be a swap in the future. :)


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