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I have a new 2015 Tacoma Double cab short bed that I traded my JKU for. The net is full of threads on lifts, tires and such but I find very little about how to improve performance while making mods that don't negatively effect long term durability. I made many mods to the jeep but I know some would not have been positive long term. We will use the truck for mild off-roading and family camping a few nights at the time. I grew up in an auto parts store and tu
rn all my own wrenches. Only addition so far is an A.R.E. Topper. I will start with my own thoughts.

Oil change every 3k
Air filters every 10k
Fuel filters every 10k
Window tint
Quality floor mats
Seat covers


3k oil changes are a little soon and the 10k fuel filters is definitely overkill. I have done a small 2.5" lift, 32.5" tires, sliders, armor and supercharger to my 2000 4Runner and have zero failures in the past 10 years I have owned it. In my mind, only add the things you need or things to make driving and traveling more comfortable and don't go crazy. These trucks are very dependable and probably the less you change the more reliable it will be.


Buy quality parts, don't mess with the engine or drivetrain (except maybe gears), keep it simple. Only do what you need. That's where a lot of us get into trouble I think. We think we need the biggest and best modifications available and end up with a complicated Rube Goldberg device.


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fuel filter is a bit much, but i still go for the 3k mile oil changes.

Pretty sure the factory recommends 5000

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i cant either, but the quick lube place does it for 19.99 and i get to watch and make sure its done right and only 15min


Please correct me if I am wrong, but our Tacoma's fuel filter is within the gas tank and it's a "lifetime" part. changing it would be a pain, let alone every 10k.

Also, I agree with your concern. Whenever I am adding or removing something from my truck I definitely have that "what will this be like in 50k?" thought. I tend to stray away from buying accessories for my engine and drive-train.

a heavier duty Suspension is almost a must with these trucks if you carry any consistent weight. Sitting stock with a topper and sleeping platform the factory leaves were at a negative arch. So, things like that I upgrade! If the stock part works for you, keep it (unless you're like me and you "need" it :ylsmoke:).
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I'm not sure about the newer Tacomas, but My old one (95) was very reliable. Just do your basic maintenance and don't mess with the engine, and it'll run forever. If you do bigger wheels and tires though, do gears. They are well worth the money. My old 2.7l could do 65 all day long while pulling 33x12.50's around. I put more than 100k on that truck with those wheels and tires.


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Everyone else hit what I was thinking... For the Floor mats, WeatherTech and Husky seem the best from what I've seen rolling through the shop. We sell far more WeatherTech than Husky if that matters. I agree on the fuel filter, it should be a lifetime one making it good idea to replace at waterpump/timing pmx.

Edit... just found this post here for floormats if it helps: http://www.expeditionportal.com/for...erk-s-2013-Tacoma-Build?p=1499448#post1499448


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i cant either, but the quick lube place does it for 19.99 and i get to watch and make sure its done right and only 15min

Well, that's one way to do it, if you're happy with the cheapest bulk oil that money can buy and only letting it drain for 10 minutes. In that case, you probably should change it more frequently.

On the other end of the spectrum, I run top-quality synthetic oil in all my vehicles, and extended oil change intervals of 12,000 miles. 165,000 miles so far on the FJC and lord knows how many on the Land Cruiser (odo rolls over at 100,000 and I bought it used) and neither leaks or burns oil.


Yeah, at 184k, if I'm suppose to change my fuel filter, I'm way overdue. You're not going to go more than a 265 tire on this truck so no gear change is needed. I've always changed my own oil. Mobile 1 and Baldwin filters. Doesn't burn a drop. And stock up on the oil drain gaskets. Don't reuse the old one. I go every 8k miles between changes. I'm sure I could go longer. I run Chevron Techron fuel system cleaner every oil change now. Not sure if I'm doing any harm or good. I change the air filter when it looks fairly dirty. I've cleaned the PCV valve a few times with carb cleaner and the MAF with CRC MAF cleaner. Spark plugs every 30k as per the schedule with the NGKs or Densos originally installed. I wonder if Toyota still puts NGK on one side and Denso on the other? Folks used scratch their heads over this one. Maybe they were just trying to tell owners either is okay. And anti-seize on the threads. The proper anti-seize.
At 100k, I changed the serpentine belt (old one looked fine). Not that I let that deter me. Also, the thermostat and a coolant flush. The 4.0L has those nice little drain spigots on the block under the exhaust manifolds. Very handy. You only need to open one side. The passenger side is easiest. I was going to change the radiator hoses but the Toyota parts counter guy I've known for years said they are good for life. They still look and feel good so, I've never changed them. I plan on redoing this at 200k. I'm thinking I might change the tie-rod ends at 200k. A broken tie-rod end can really ruin your day.
Grease the u-joints in the spring and fall. And I change the brake fluid when it looks dirty. The dealership changed the power steering fluid once, recently. At least they said they did. The color of it didn't lighten though, so I have my reservations.

Mods I'm happy with: A scan-gauge, OME suspension, ARB front bumper. Second battery set up as a backup, not an accessory battery. Saved my bacon twice now. Weathertech floor mats are like new after ten years. TRD seat covers are just as old. Some wear but well worth it. I switched them side to side awhile back.
I put Amsoil fluids in the diffs and transfer case a long time ago. It's suppose to be good for 250k miles. We'll see.

From day one, anything I did had to keep the truck comfortable for long cruises. That was always my main concern.

There are no performance mods worth a tenth of their cost.

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