M101A2 Trailer Purchase & Project


I have another thread going at FJ Forums but will keep one here too.

Based on Harley's M101 build thread I've bought an M101A2 and am going to build it up in a similar fashion.

I guess I picked the right trailer as it went for the highest amount in the auction... but still a good deal.


I'm waiting on an invoice, which should hit tomorrow, then I'll probably head down to Fort Hood next Friday to get it.

As soon as I get it back then I'll order up the new axle and adjustable hitch pieces, etc and go from there. I bought a wheel/tire combo yesterday, brand new, probably a spare, for 140.00 (matches my FJ), just need one more.
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Dont toss them sides.. Them are composite and very much desired. Clean looking trailer. I think you may be surprised once you pick it up.
Welcome to the Dark side..


If it is your first EUC expect to be at least 2 weeks and closer to 30-60 days. I just picked mine up end of September and now waiting on funds to do the basic mods to it. Each subsequent EUC will clear faster.

Arctic Cat

Still waiting on EUC to clear.

I purchased a M101A2 from GL on September. An I did not need an ECU. But I got mine straight from the Depot and I guess rules are different depending where you get the trailer from. I won my Auction on a Thursday and I pick my trailer the Tuesday the week after.



I'm in no hurry per se, but with Christmas and the pending birth of my boy around the first week of January I might get in to a jam getting this bad boy picked up. Hopefully it will happen well before Christmas...we shall see.


Your first child?

Well.... no, I have a daughter that turns 23 on Jan 10 from my first marriage. Remarried last August, she's never been married or had kids, 14 years younger than me ;) and now she's giving me my boy! On January 10 no less...


EUC cleared almost 2 weeks ago, was scheduled to go to Fort Hood last Friday but GL called and said the Guard killed all Friday pickups until January, so I'm going in the morning to get mine. I'm overloaded with tools and what not but hate to be unprepared, 5 hours worth of driving.

I'll post up some pics when I get back.


Today started early, up a little after 4AM then off to Fort Hood in the rain and a 30-40MPH headwind. Left around 5:30, tanked up and grabbed some coffee at the 7-11.
Got there a little before 8:30. For those that need to pickup at Fort Hood you will enter on the north side off of Hwy 36. Coming south from Gatesville you will look for the MATES entrance on the west side, go west less than a mile and turn left on Park, go south 1/3 mile or so and a National Guard soldier will meet you at the yellow pipe gate and direct you from there. No security checks, no one ever asked for insurance, ID or registration. GL didn't need my paperwork until after I was hooked up and ready to go....just simply told them my lot number.

Mud. It was a sloppy mess.
Impossible to get to the trailer, or anything else for that matter. A NG soldier was basically delivering the trailer to you, on a cement pad, using a ginormous all terrain forklift.

Here's another guy's trailer being delivered:

And mine arriving.


The M101 is light enough to handle by hand if it's on jack, so I wheeled it around and dropped in to the pintle and raised the jack... boom, it's hooked up...kinda.


The 8" lift receiver and pintle hit it pretty close with a stock FJ. So after waiting for the GL guy to come over and me sign my paperwork I exited the gate where I was parked and pulled in to an unused entrance for another lot and proceeded to wire up my tow lights, fix my safety chains and give it all a once over.


Ok... here's some notes for future reference.

1. The magnetic 11.99 tow lights form Harbor Freight worked just fine. I had some 12" zip ties and small bungie cords that I used to route my wires and add some backup security to the lights just in case one wanted to eject itself from the trailer.

2. Zip ties, take a bag of 12" zip ties. I ran the wires in the bed and tied to the panels, posts and frame, leaving enough slack to turn of course. Used a couple of very small bungies to safe the lights.
If you position the lights as I did you can see them in the rear view mirror.

3. I bought 12" of 3/8" chain, some hooks and removable chain link. I ended up simply looping the chain through the loops on the hitch instead of using the hooks as it made things too long. I'll get a photo tomorrow so you can see what I'm saying.

4. Tires are like new but were at 15lbs. Since I was headed back north I stopped in Gatesville just a few miles down the road and bumped them up to 32lbs, they'll hold more. Checked the bearing temps on the grease caps using my laser thermometer, never over 73 degrees, it was in the mid 60's most of the day. I had a small compressor with me just in case.

5. Tools. All I ended up needing was my needle nose pliers to pull cotter keys from the hooks I had added to the chain and did't need and to clip a few zip ties. I took a little bit of everything including a 4 way to check my 7/8" lugs, which were very tight.... but you just never know.

Trailer had bows and tarp in the bed plus the side panels/gates, all in very good shape. Some surface rust not worth mentioning here and there but overall the trailer is in great shape.

I'm going to get started this weekend by pulling the side panels and storing the bows/tarp then measure the axle so I can order the 3500lb Dexter with electric brakes. I have wheels and tires that match what I have on my FJ. I'll be selling the stock axle, wheels/tires and surge brakes. I'll start tearing it down from there. Black frame, black along the bottom, white sides and black in the bed. Should match my FJ nicely.

And so it begins...



Doesn't Get Out Enough
I just realized this was cross-posted on the Blue Room. Good to see you here as well, Brad. LOTS of great ideas here, as I'm sure you already know. Looking forward to seeing your trailer come together.


Now that you have it home .. Congrats.. Get your butt in gear with the build. Hint beware of spiders behind your wheels when you take em off. Many horror stories.
well get busy , we need some more pics of the build. JK ..Kind of..you need to build that Toyota a little more.


Now that you have it home .. Congrats.. Get your butt in gear with the build. Hint beware of spiders behind your wheels when you take em off. Many horror stories.
well get busy , we need some more pics of the build. JK ..Kind of..you need to build that Toyota a little more.

If it doesn't quit raining I may have to put some pontoons on it... I bought the FJ as a daily driver, one thing I don't want to do is kill my 20MPG and a lift/bigger tires will certainly do that. Having said that, I modify every vehicle I've ever owned so it will be quite a test for me to adhere to keeping it relatively stock.

I'm actually developing a winch mount that goes in the stock front bumper so I don't have to add a big heavy bumper up front, which kills MPG too.

There's no telling when I'll have a chance to tear this down with Christmas almost here, a very pregnant wife and a baby due in 3 weeks. Don't want to force her out of her garage space. I'll get it done though.

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