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The following is from MDC USA FB page:

Check out our industry-leading MDC USA warehouse 😍 building the best campers & trailers for those tough American conditions 💪

Join the MDC Family by calling 833-632-8721 or heading to

Now tell me this doesn't imply that all these units are actually built in the good old USA as opposed to the truth.


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Here is the link to their manufacturer. Can order direct for way less cost than buying in the US if you are willing to do the importing work.

Runmorun was told that MDC has a join venture and actually manages the Chinese mfging plant. Do you buy this. Are you sure this mfg plant is where they are mostly made?


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I think they likely produce for others include European brands. Remember assembled and manufactured are terms of art in the manufacturing world. Likely MDC is assembled here along with black label. I know Opus does that here in Alamdea which is very close to the Oakland port.

Reality is most products going into a trailer begin their life cycle in China. There is great quality control, it just requires money and investment in reviewing finished products.


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Like I have said before just because MDC are manufactured in China does not mean they are not worth a look. The current models are speced much better. They are getting up there in price but still less the other comparable US boutique off road builders.

Lord knows Elkhart rigs could learn from some of theses big Chinese trailer manufacturers.

I have read that MDC sent the mfg to China in 2019 from AU. If this is the case and they were designed and manufactured in AU why do the older and newer models look so much like the Chinese made rigs that have been on sale on Alibaba for years?

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