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So I'm pretty new to ExPo been on here a few months...been on NPORA a little bit longer...I've owned Betsy for about a year and a half now and I'm in the process of aaalllooottt of work...I know people like to follow build threads and there seems to be some different folks on here so I will update on here as well...Besty is a 98 pathfinder getting a huge make over right now...this is how she started


Then she went black and then this is how she looked before I started the main part of my build


Well now I'm a few months and about $5,000 broker than before into my build and I'm making some nice plans...

I found a 3.5 from a 2001 pathfinder with only 120k miles on it and since my 3.3 had 205k with a rear main seal leak I decided it was time to go


Turns out its not as easy as I thought...I've got my old motor out and the new 3.5 sitting in my engine compartment...but the guy I got the engine from made me really mad...he cut the engine harness transmission harness every vacuum line every coolant line everything...if there was something to be cut he cut I tracked down a 3.5 at the the complete harness from that...I'm one harness short on the transmission there is 2 I've got one...and I've got the transfer case harness wired up ready to go...I started to track down the transmission wires inside and it's all mixed with the main dash harness and the wiring from a 98 is way different than an 01 my my current project is the dash harness


I'm also doing a 6 inch subframe drop with the modified jeep springs and adapters in the rear...4 inch subframe blocks and 2 inch lift coils in the front...I've got the front part of the lift done just need to do the rear now...and I am really surprised how much it really lifted it...


I stepped up from 31x10.50 to a 33x12.50 running 1.5" wheel spacers all the way around

I am also modifying a jeep xj winch bumper to fit...a few people have done this so I figured why not...I mocked it up last week to see what it would look like and I'm quite impressed


Lots of time...overall I'm pretty happy and I can't wait to get this thing running with the new power and lift and hit some trails...BTW I'm in jersey so once I'm done anyone on here wanna take a trip hit me up!

Much more to come...I will keep posting as things happen

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Installed the rear part of my lift tonight...just gotta finish wiring the dash bolt up the transmission mount the bumper and rock sliders and phase one will be complete


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