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A friend said I should do a build thread, so here's my truck. Not a step by step, but more like a "hey, here's what I've done"

Make: Land Rover
Model: Special Edition Discovery XD (1 of 250)
Year: 1997

Engine: New 4.6 V8
Trans: ZF Auto (Stock)
T-Case: LT230 (Stock)
Front Axle: GBR 4.11, GBR axle shafts and CV's, ARB Locker, GBR double cardon front driveshaft, OME steering damper w/ relocation kit, RTE adjustable panhard rod, RTE HD steering rods.
Rear Axle: Toyota 4.10 with E-Locker and Rovertracks 30 splines. Tom woods DC shaft.
Lift: 3" Rovertym suspension system with corrected front radius arms and rear trailing links. EE spring retainers, steel braided brake lines.
Tires: 285/75/R16 BFG KM2's (33")
Wheels: GCR steels.
Brakes: DBA slotted/drilled Rotors from EE

and all the other junk:

Armor: Rovertym slimline front buper with Warn M8000, RTE sliders (re-inforced the sills with 1/8" steel after crushing the pass. side) Custom rear bumper that I rebuilt myself (i hated what Shaeffers Offroad built me...)
Diff guards, home made rear pinion guard, home made frame sliders.

Interior: Home made rear cargo area with tie downs, home made fishing rod holder in the roof, home made rear door table (Marc style!:sombrero:) Garmin GPS 276c, homemade footwell box (need to finish passenger side)

other stuff...
Mantec Snorkel
10lb Powertank
SD low profile rack with wire mesh ontop. Hella 4000 in the middle, Hella Black Magics on the outside (will be replaced with 4000's)
Nato jerry cans, high lift, recovery gear, etc... all the little other things i don't need to go into detail about!

now the pics!


Locker switch panel



Home made frame sliders

Home made fishing pole holder


rear door table Marc gave me the idea for

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home made footwell box


Powertank (I slid down a steep snow drift on the trail and hit a tree)


I think that's about it!

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Well I don't care for the XD that much.

I kid kid.:arabia: Matt I love what you have done with that Discovery. It really looks awesome and the ARB swtich plate is just sick!:bowdown: Glad to see you onbaord. Are you coming to the big NCLR event in October!


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DiscoveryXD said:
thanks Kevin.

you have a disco project in mind?

Actually I'll be parting out my 94 Disco in about a year. My ongoing project is my 130 crewcab. Never ending:)


Thanks J!

I don't know... I'm just driving the rover to and from work until I can get the rear diff rebuilt (for the 3rd time)


kellymoe said:
Actually I'll be parting out my 94 Disco in about a year. My ongoing project is my 130 crewcab. Never ending:)

I see... i didn't think you had a different rover cause I've never seen anything but the 130 on discoweb.


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DiscoveryXD said:
I see... i didn't think you had a different rover cause I've never seen anything but the 130 on discoweb.

The 130 is just my latest and last. I have had way too many Rovers over the years and have finally settled on the 130. Kind of feels good not to be searching constantly for that perfect car. I have had it now for 5 years and I look forward to jumping in and driving it every day.

Been fishing lately? I did a backpacking trip from Bishop Pass to Taboose Pass a few months ago and took my fly rod. Absolutely killed it the entire trip. Not big but every cast seemed to get a good hit or hook up. Had a blast.


I did feel that way about my truck.. well, i still do, but not as much. I've been going through lots of heartake dealing with my rear diff. Don't know if you read it on dweb, but I've had 2 new diffs and both have been bad (whining when i drive) from day 1. That's kept me away from the rivers and lakes too... not to mention make me hate my truck at times. I just have to keep telling myself it's not a rover thing, just bad new parts.

pyramid lake opens up next week, that means monster cutt's!


we should start a fly fishing thread... haha:sombrero:


I bought the diffs from GBR as a whole unit. Unbolt the stock ones, swap in the new ones, and send back the old ones as a core. I've had them build me 2 new rear diffs and they both have gone bad from the get go.

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