On EBay 1993 Mercedes Puch 230GE High Roof Camper 34k miles $27,5k


For sale is our 1993 Puch (Mercedes) 230GE with automatic transmission and 34,000 miles.

Sleeps two comfortably, solar panels, sink. Lots of space in small footprint.

Needs nothing. Ready to go anywhere.
Currently located in Eastern Pennsylvania about 45 minutes west of Philadelphia.

The GWagon will be in the Raleigh, NC area between January 7th and January 14th.


150+ pictures here : https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAfMBY

Built for the Swiss Army
Less than 1,000 made with the tall hardtop
Bought in February 2019 from a dealer in Germany that specializes in GWagons, who bought it directly from the Swiss Army
Imported it myself into the USA, used for camping trips in the NorthEast

Camper conversion:
Converted it into a light Overland Truck for camping
All equipment (shelves, desk, chair, etc. was removed)
Floor was built up with insulation and vinyl hard wood
Furniture was built from light weight hardware acquired in Germany and laminated birch plywood, featuring a kitchenette with sink, electrical water pump, marine grade electrical panel with breakers, L-shaped seating area with custom ordered Sunbrella cushions.
All furniture is secured with 2 bolts each and can be removed when needed.
Seating area can be converted into sleeping area for 2 persons. Length up to 78 inches by 44 inches
Alcove above cab built for storage of extra cushions and bedding
12 Volt electrical setup in the rear with Renogy 2x 100 Watt Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panels, Rover Li 40 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller with Bluetooth and 100 Ah Mighty Max Sealed Lead Acid Battery.
Marine grade Blue Sea Automatic charging relay mounted for future connection to charge system by vehicle alternator
Multiple 12-volt outlets and USB outlets

Color change to RAL 7038 Agate Grey to match owners Unimog, hood and wheels black
Upgraded tires to 235/85R16 Falken Wildpeak AT tires (March 2020)
Installed LED headlights

Replaced both vehicle batteries with new AGM batteries (June 2019)
Installed two additional 24V outlets in dashboard
Replaced military towing hitch with 3,5 ton standard hitch

Project-Camper magnetic shades
24V to 12V converter for trailer
German to US trailer electric adapter
Extra set of side rails
Original headlights

New single butane burner with carrying case for cooking/grilling
Wading board

Service performed:
Annual oil change. Chassis lube
Transmission oil and filter change (January 2020

Lube and tighten/re-torque engine mounts, steering box, body mounts (April 2022)

All service records during my ownership
Swiss Army maintenance booklet, Swiss Army parts list binder. translated copy of Swiss title, import documents, receipts & drawing from camper conversion


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Der Chef der Fahrzeuge
So awesome; bump!
Why the sale? Is it slowing down your Mog too much when you tow the G behind? ;)


We are getting ready for full time world travel for several years in the Unimog.

Going to miss the “little” guy, but since we don’t know when we will be back it makes sense to sell.


@mk216v Have fun with it for a while and when the right donor engine comes along, swap to more power and torque.
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Der Chef der Fahrzeuge
@mk216v Have fun with it for a while and when the right donor engine comes along, swap to more power and torque.

Tempting, but I just bought an extra rig I don't need.
And you're in the NE which isn't the correct side of the country for an easy trip home. :(

By the way, the super hot setup would be an OM606A with 603A mechanical injection pump. Oh no, now my mind is really going....now I'm looking at your Flickr...

How did you paint it? One picture appears to show the paint finish as almost brushed-on vs sprayed?

Appears to be rust free (especially at the base of the door openings); is it?

Only rear diff lock, no front diff lock? :(

PPS--any build thread on your gorgeous U1300?
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@mk216v I agree that theOM606A combo makes most sense, despite everyone's knee jerk reaction (including mine) is a V8.

You are correct that I had it painted witch a roller in stead of sprayed. I was going for a more rugged look that could take a beating and be repainted easily as needed. No beatings occurred to date, though. The paint was applied by an autoshop in Jan 2020.

The G was/is completely rust free. The Swiss Army applies their own rustproofing in addition to the factory. There was a small bit of surface rust on the floor in the back. I treated this with Fertan prior to installing the sub-floor and floor to avoid any future issues.

Probably for budgetary reasons. the Swiss Army G's don't come with front lockers, but in reality one doesn't require front lockers, unless in extreme situations. I took an offroading course where they actually forbade us to use any lockers. I struggled in the beginning, but then they helped me to read the terrain better and chose a line where I didn't think I could go without lockers.

The Unimog normally comes with just one switch to turn both lockers on at the same time (or none). I had them split, to be able to just engage just the rears. I do like to make it around a corner when I turn the steering wheel.... :ROFLMAO:

On the Unimog build. Don't have a thread for it, but on our YoutTube channel. you will find three videos that take you along for the journey from fire-truck to Expedition Truck.

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