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I'm thinking something like this might be right up my alley, especially since I don't want to ******** around with the weight of an fwc on the tundra. Will send ya a pm later.

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Hey All, I wanted to show off what we've been working on over the past few months. We're calling it Camp Tackle. We wanted to make the build out of any vehicle as easy as possible (especially our campers), so we based our design heavily off of how rafts are rigged. D rings can be added almost to anything via a rivnut and a bolt, and cam straps are super cheap and durable. We also love modular, as sometimes spaces and their configurations need to change on use.... that's why we made rigging them in any configuration possible. The modules dispursed rigging points make module to module attachment super easy, and rigging or adding anything to the outside a breeze. We are working on more modules currently for storage, seating, sleeping and cooking spaces. We also know that everyone has a different dimensioned space that might want some storage, so custom options will be available down the line. We'll have pricing and everything on the website in the coming days. I hope everyone is away from the computer and having a great weekend!


OVRLND Campers

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Hey all, we've been asked on this thread, by phone , and email when and if we'll ever have full barn doors, so we made it a priority to get it done. Our barn doors can be added to the half barn doors we have been putting on almost all of our campers with three rivnut bolts on each door panel. Add them or subtract as needed. The tailgate is a great tool, so we wanted to have the ability to transition back and fourth between the two. To add these to the truck there will be a bottom hook point that will need to be mounted to catch another latch for securing them to the bottom, and side and bottom gaskets to seal them up. If this is something that is wanted, we'll take truck measurements either before install or after and then we can make and ship at a later date. Have a great weekend!

nevermind looks like they are all 80" long x width of the box (roughly 62" on tundra i believe)... seems very big to me... been looking at other pop top wedge shells, but the beds seem so small like 48" or 50" x 80". Getting a full foot more in width at the top and the extra tall, straight up, pop up makes a big difference in overall sq footage and I am guessing makes it feel much more hang out able.


@highdesertlandworks , with the sleeping bed stowed, the entire truck bed is available, 4 chairs could probably fit in there. The sleeping bed is 67"x84". Almost California-King sized. But, I'm a tall guy, so everything was made to fit!

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