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  • No I don't think so, given the trails selected. Lippincott is not a problem and I think the descent from the Salt Tram if you elect to do that on the last day should be fine as well. No one had a problem on the last two trips through steel pass or mengel pass w/o sliders and you would likely need them there more than the trails I've selected. If we were going up Echo Canyon, I'd say yes sliders and full skids, but I don't think I could get my dbl cab through there and down the other side w/o body damage and I'm kinda partial to straight panels. :sombrero: THat said I may have a set of sliders on my rig by the trip date, more to use as steps and door ding prevention as many of the people in my lot at work are a$$hats.
    There's a South Bay off road meet & greet at the Garrett in Campbell this Sunday at 12:30 pm. One of the topics is Hollister. It's put on by RedRob. Can't make it myself but thought you might be interested.
    Probably mild to medium. First time out with my jk, haven't really wheeled in a few years so got to hit that learning curve again.
    Where you at ? I was just out in Big Sur off Los Burros , I recognize many of your pics , it's great out there . I'm interested in any meetups or trips ... I'm headed out to Death Valley in a few days ... ever take any trips out there ?
    Nice! Good deal for sure! Ill have to call my brother to go look at it since he's down in the South Bay. Thanks for looking out!
    For sure sounds good! Always down for an mini expo trip! Mendocino NF is a fun place to explore!
    They are nice. Seem to be wearing fairly well so far, 10k miles or so on them. I like them because of the sipping, not many MTs have sipping on them. Haven't had any problems with them in any of all the terrain I've been through. If you don't need MTs I'd recommend the ATZ's, lots of tread for an AT. Also look at the Firestone Destination MT, great tire, lasted forever! Quiter than my MTZ's....
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