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  • We are going through the area 7-1, and may see you out there somewhere.
    We will be coming from the north to the dunes, then maybe to Hidden Valley Hunter Mountain to Saline.
    Thanks for the info. Sounds good though, I will just go ahead and focus on getting everything else all set then. I hear ya on the door dings, I was definitely more paranoid of them after moving up from a tacoma.
    Do you think sliders would be needed for protection, or am I going to be fine on height for this trip with just the 34" tires? Thanks
    Howdy, if you search for my trip planning thread for the November trip I led you'll get an idea of my familiarity with DV. Current plan has us going up the steps in Dekeedra Canyon then dropping into the springs. Current conditions on South Pass and Hunter Mtn are snowed in, hopefully that will change prior to the trip or I'll need to reroute the loop. Goler Wash/Mengel Pass are reportedly in good conditions so I would think a locker is not needed. My 4runner is pretty overbuilt but it makes getting other vehicles unstuck or over difficult obstacles a little easier. We had a rig or two on the last trip with open diffs and they made it fine over everything,
    Biggest things are good tires, 1-2 full size spares and extra gas. I'll post updates to the thread as they are available.
    Terrain should be easier than the trip in November, but day 2 will be a lot of miles. Josh
    Hey I've been following your thread about a February Death Valley thread but haven't seen any more information. Is this open to anyone? Is it something that looks like it may happen. I'm somewhat new to the forum bit a couple friends and I, 5 vehicles total did some back country Death Valley camping last spring. Had a great time. Saw your thread and saw it as an opportunity to head back. Turns out some of my friends are also interested. We don't have highly modified trucks. Moderate lifts, CB radios, RTT for a couple guys, thats about it. Not sure how difficult a route you're planning on taking is the reason I mention it. I'll be watching for your posts.

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