Pinzgauer 712 M for SALE

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1973 Pinzgauer 712 M VIN: 4750123



6 Wheel Drive, Fully independent suspension, Portal Axles, 19” ground clearance

5 Speed manual full synchro ZF Transmission

2 speed transfer case with 4 or 6 wheel drive, three hydraulic locking differentials

2.5 Liter 4 cylinder air cooled gas engine, fully shielded ignition, Petronics distributor

24 Volt electrical system, 2 x 12 volt Optima batteries (almost new), on-board charger

75 liter fuel tank, 20 liter Jerry Can mounted to frame

Insulated rear cover with 3 roof hatches (very rare accessory)

Seating for 14 and seat belts for 12 persons

Rear seats fold to make flat aluminum truck bed for cargo

Full size spare, Trailer hitch, rear step, additional stock tire, stock tools

Upgraded headlights, Reflective spare tire cover

Wooden rub strips re-installed after the above photo was taken

Many spare parts, filters, body paint, frame for cloth top

Max Road Speed 62 mph

Max Crawl Speed 2 mph in 1st gear Low Range

27” water fording depth

$ 29,500


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Mark Mitchell

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The top covering the bed and cab is a Techno Top GmbH (Ch-8121) made in Benglen, Switzerland. It's a very rare and desirable accessory.

Also included is a full set of bows (the frame for the stock military canvas top) but no actual canvas.

NO rust. NO oil leaks.

Almost new BFG All Terrain tires.

The truck is registered in California and lives in Borrego Springs, CA. That's in the Anza Borrego Desert about 70 miles east of San Diego.

Mark Mitchell

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I want to get something smaller to tow behind our motorhome. My daughter has moved to Virginia and we are looking at a trans-continental motorhome tour. Wife puts a (reasonable) limit on the number of non-essential vehicles. I've really enjoyed having the Pinz in Borrego Springs for the last 6 years. It's great for moving groups of people around the desert terrain. It's been easy to take care of. The kids love it. Even the wife likes driving it. She used to refuse to drive, or eventually even ride in, the Mercedes U1300 that I had for 11 years before the Pinz.
This Pinz gets lots of attention on the roads and trails - 6 wheel drive don't ya know. It has not been spoiled by radical modifications. Minor modifications and accessories have been aimed at usability and creature comfort on road, and reliability. Performance on trails and traversing untracked terrain is already awesome. The Techno-Top is a huge improvement over a rag top.



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It has about 2,500 miles on the odo that was installed about 2012. I also have the original odo, included with the vehicle when sold. It reads in kph and, as I recall, has about the equivalent of 10 k miles. The first owner after importation is a long time friend and off-road buddy of mine who also lives in San Diego. He did an extensive refurbishment when he got it. Given it's original color, low miles, and because it had the Techno-Top, we suspect it was used as a personnel transport around a Swiss military base. See the attached photo of it when stripped down for refurbishment.
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Mark Mitchell

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This is probably the most appropriate photo I could post for you:


That's my wife driving! She loves it! Before getting the Pinz, I had a Mercedes U1300. She refused to drive that, and only rode in it under duress.

Here's some photos for you, presuming that you haven't owned or driven a Pinz yet:


Hi-lo range shifter is lever to right of the steering wheel with the red knob on top. Just put in the clutch and shift it any time under 30 mph. No need to stop or do neutral on the trans but it’s up to you not to over rev the engine. Redline is 4500 rpm. There is a big warning light on the dash when you get close. Stick for the 5 speed manual is behind the lower right steering wheel rim in this photo. Shifting feels a lot like a VW Beetle or Bus. Effortless once you get used to it - just use your finger tips. Full synchro. Push down for reverse. The pattern is shown in a plaque on the dash.

Parking brake is the hooked black lever. Pull out to set, twist and let is retract to release.

Modern electronic tach and speedo are way easier to read than the stock speedo - in kph. Original speedo is also included with spares and parts.

To check the engine oil level dip stick, just lift up the tray on top of the engine cover. Dip stick is right under it. No tools. No need to even leave the cab.

Lots of non-skid aluminum plate used on the floors and door panels, in the cab and in the bed.


Parking brake is the black handle above there red and blue heater controls. The green lever shifts from 4 wheel drive (rear) to 6 wheel drive. The center yellow lever locks both rear difs. The right side yellow one lock the front dif. This is all done with passive hydraulics. Those levers mechanically actuate hydraulic master cylinders. The green lights go on when the action is completed - actually sensing the front drive is engaged or the difs are locked, not just the lever position. Operations can be done any time at any speed, even when the engine is pulling hard.

The stripped bar in the right upper part of the photo is the “Oh ********" handle. It gets a lot of use if you are really utilizing the Pinz’s off road capabilites.

The throttle peddle is in the lower left. It’s an odd shape but works really well. Big boots, bumpy road - no trouble.


Completely shielded ignition system. Done to prevent radio interference to two way communications, but it also means that the Pinz might be the only vehicle still running after the NMP attack.

There is also a battery disconnect switch that the driver can reach.

All aluminum 4 cylinder (horizontal but not a boxer motor like VW) modular air cooled engine is super tough. Special carb prevents fuel starvation or flooding on steep grades - really steep, like 100% (45 deg).

Main and idle jets are easily accessible without removing the carb from the engine. I had to clean them out once after some bad fuel. Piece of cake.

Only one problem with this Pinz. They won’t let you into Mexico with an olive drab vehicle that looks like this. Paint it some other color and take off the external insignia and you are good to go.

This vehicle has tons of neat, carefully thought out features that even fancy expensive modern vehicles can’t match. Amazing for a 46 year old truck! Of course it's smog exempt in California.



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Thank you. I’m hoping to put that expression on a female I know! I have driven one Pinz before briefly to confirm that this is my dream vehicle. It was gone before I could get to it. Could you text your email to me at 509-750-1160 please?


Saw this with a for sale sign on it parked at Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs recently. I wanted to check it out but my wife told me not to get any ideas so I didn't stop. Looks good! GLWS.


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Yes. You're right. I've been parking it at Christmas Circle when I'm out there. I've had a dozen curious lookers and met a couple of the locals with interesting off-road interests. One was a snowbird that's gone home already. But we hope to meet up again next fall and do some Borrego desert stuff. Putting it on display gives me can excuse to get it out for short drives. I keep having second thoughts about selling it. Really is an amazing beastie.

Were you coming down the mountain just to see the flowers? I'll bet you had a bit of a bloom up on the hill too.

Do you have anything to do with the observatory ? Do you know Kin Searcy?


I'm sure you'll sell it soon. It looked really good when we drove by.

We spent a night boon docking out on the Old Borrego Springs Road and spent a few nights at Borrego Palm Canyon Campground. That's when I saw your rig. Flowers were spectacular, weren't they? I've been camping around Borrego for almost 40 years and this was one of the best seasons for flowers that I can remember.

Flowers are just starting to get with the program on the mountain slopes here on Palomar.

I know a few of the old timers at the Observatory and the name Searcy sounds familiar but I can't place the face.

Take care and good luck if you decide to sell it.


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Yes. The flowers were quite good this year. It was nice that they didn't all boom at once, as they sometimes do. Bloom started in the eastern part of the park and moved west and finally up into the canyons. The cacti are still blooming. I took several groups of folks out in the Pinz to see the flowers..

Kin Searcy is the Head Docent at Palomar. Just thought you might know him.

What's a Hallmark Cuchara?


Cactus blooms should be really nice this year, too. We might be able to get out and see them.

Kin Searcy - now I know who you are referring to. I've met him at mountain meetings.

The Cuchara is Hallmarks largest popup self-contained camper.

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