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Hi friends, hope you all are doing great. Here’s our story: we have a gladiator rubicon, we love it, but the payload is very low (1039) to tow our trailer (3700 dry) plus all our stuff, gears and our whole family of four. We need to keep pretty minimal if we want to get on the road and also can’t bring our 4 bikes along. Another concern will be going to the west overland trials when we max out our payload, the terrain will pose a serious challenge for our gladiator. So we are starting to wonder if we should get a new tow vehicle.
We did some research on Ram 1500 Rebel (not sure about the overlanding capability, it seems not a very popular choice for overlanding among other choices?) and Tundra TRD Pro (not a fan of the interiors, also some video reports of the quality issues online?). and Ram power wagon and f150 raptor is too big. We need a truck which can provides 1400+ payload, 7000+ tow, good for everyday drive and overlanding in the west (no crazy rock scrawling). Any inputs are very much appreciated.


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I was also searching for a more capable tow vehicle, but didn't want a truck or a giant SUV. Had a grand cherokee. I stumbled upon the defender and have been very happy with it. Do you need a truck? If not take a look at the land rover defender 110, ~2000 pound payload and 8,200 pound tow capacity. Only pitfall is it might not have enough storage for you. I think it drives great in town, and with a few modification it can be a pretty cable trail vehicle.


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Otherwise, if you’re stuck on getting another truck, will you be replacing the Gladiator?
If so, look at the Tremor package on the F150, certainly over the Raptor for payload and towing capacity, especially if you end up going with a bigger trailer in the future.

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I see why a Power Wagon would be too big but how is an F150 too big? I think you'd be surprised how capable they are for your needs.


A crew cab short bed f150 is only about 12" longer and 5" wider than your gladiator but can has more payload and way more towing capabilities

Or you could just be like all these Tacoma owners and say screw payload ratings and overload your current truck.
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A Ranger meets your criteria, 7500 towing and ~1500 payload. I think most half tons would do fine though, optioned correctly.

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