Price reduced!: 2016 Toyota Tacoma Long Bed with Vagabond Outdoors Drifter Camper


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I never thought I’d be selling this truck but here we are. I’ve already started the next build so this one has to go! Hoping to find someone that will appreciate this setup for what it is as I don’t know if I can bring myself to start parting out the package for all the work I've put into it. This is a very capable four seasons expedition rig.

Location: Walla Walla, WA

Price: $56,500

Full build thread chronicling everything I’ve done to the truck since I bought it:

Camper buildout walk around:

Truck Details:
  • 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport (68,6xx miles)
    • Second owner
    • Clean title in hand, no accidents
  • Magnetic Grey Metallic vinyl wrapped in Avery Dennison matte gunmetal metallic wrap
  • 315/70/17 Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx
  • Chopped fender flares for additional clearance
  • Custom made rubber fender liners replace the factory liners
  • Regeared to 5.29 Nitro gears
  • SCS F5 17 inch matte bronze wheels
  • Icon 2.5 extended coil-overs
  • SPC upper control arms
  • Dirt King lower control arms
  • Bilstein B110 rear shocks
  • Shackle flip
  • Dakar HD rear leaf springs with bushing replacements completed
  • Firestone ride rite air bags with daystar cradles
  • CBI T3 steel front bumper
  • Smittybilt X20 10,000lb winch with synthetic line
  • CBI high clearance rear bumper with dual swingouts
  • ARB Single onboard air compressor
  • ARB Front and Rear air lockers
  • Dark Defense DDS4 Pro ditch lights
  • Dark Defense DDS4 Pro fog lights
  • Dark Defense 20 inch light bar in bumper
  • Dobinsons snorkel
  • Mobtown skid plate and transmission skid plate
  • Mobtown rock sliders
  • Total Chaos bed stiffeners
Camper Details:
  • Vagabond Outdoors Drifter for 6ft bed Tacomas
  • Entire camper is powder coated satin black
  • Front/cab slider window option
  • Dual Front Runner side hatches
  • Side wall insulation and roof insulation
  • L track mounted to roof with Front Runner cross bars
  • Upper and lower level lighting
  • Maxxair fan
  • Upgraded 4 inch foam mattress
  • Haven Overland bed lift system installed
  • Overland Vehicle Systems awning mounted at the rear of the camper
Camper Interior Details:
  • Bed Rug
  • Haven Overland built symmetrical bench seat design. Tig welded aluminum framework powder coated in gloss black with Di-bond paneling and baltic birch lids sheeted with matte black high pressure laminate tops.
  • 10 gallon Front Runner flat water tank with shurflo water pump
  • Iceco VL60 12v dual zone fridge/freezer
  • 100 Ah Enduro Power LiFePO4 auxillary battery mounted behind the rear passenger seat powers the entire camper charged by a 30 amp Victron battery charged which is connected to the OE Tacoma inverter.
  • 2kw diesel heater mounted in the rear driver side bed cubby makes this a true four seasons camper. My most recent trip got down to -5 degrees F and the camper was a toasty warm inside at night.
Condition ratings:
  • Truck interior 9.5/10 excellent condition. Just had the truck professionally detailed. Perfect condition aside from some minor normal scuffing on the door panels and a small knick in the arm rest fabric of the passenger side rear door.
  • Truck exterior 8.5/10 the truck does have a vinyl wrap on it as noted below which has done a great job at protecting the paint from pin striping etc. Prior to the installation of the wrap the exterior was detailed and a few dings pulled however there are still a few dings visible through the wrap. The other reason for this rating is due to normal amounts of surface rust on the undercarriage due to winter driving. Also of note is that there are a few spots of discoloration in the wrap, I’m unsure what caused them and I will try and capture some detail photos of these spots. Additionally the wheels on the truck do have some significant rock rash.
  • Camper: 10/10 The camper is brand new and has only been used a handful of nights. Prior to this drifter I had a loaner camper installed on the truck from Vagabond so most of my camping was done with the previous camper. As a result this camper is pretty much as perfect as you can get.
  • Camper buildout: 10/10 again, this buildout and camper interior has been used very little.
Other known issues:
  • The dirt king lower control arms squeak pretty bad when they get wet or muddy. Keeping them well greased is essential.

More photos available upon request. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions! Thanks for looking.
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Such a really cool design and build out. Have you ever weighed the rig vs its capacity? I am curious if you think it would handle a 300lb dirtbike and on a hitch mount carried in the rear.
It’s a pretty heavy truck although not the heaviest Tacoma I’ve seen someone build. I’ve weighed it before, but I honestly can’t remember the weight at the moment. If I had to guess I think it was right around 6500lbs fully loaded. It would definitely handle to dirt bike on the back especially considering it has air bags in the rear. I just wouldn’t do any major off-roading with the bike loaded up.


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Correct. Yea you’d be surprised the number of built Tacomas rolling around over gross weight. Nearly all of them.

Not surprised in the least. Almost every alucab and quite a share of the rest are porkers. It’s all fun and games until an incident happens and someone does the math.


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I wouldn't worry to much about the weight, it's looks like it's been properly built out. We've got 85,000 miles on our semi-permanently mounted camper with it weighing 700 lbs more. We've had basically no problems despite living in it full-time

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