Prices on EP Classified seem to be HIGH!


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"CPC", is that a Certified Party Contestant, Certified Professional Contractor, Communist Party of China or a Condensation Particle Counter????

I'm hoping inflation will hang around for my next garage sale, I'll make a fortune.


I propose we create an ExPo "Classified Pricing Council."

Members will be selected through a secret midnight ritual on the summer solstice at a place only accessible through true overland travel. I don't want to give to many details away about the ceremony, but there will be robes, chanting, winching (synthetic lines only for obvious reasons), and wiffle ball bats. No ground fires, but artificial fire boxes are ok.

All requests to publish ads for vehicles will have to go through the CPC. They will review the vehicle for overlandiness and rate it on a scale from 0.1 to 7.5. (7.5, of course, being the highest rating.)

The CPC will also review the requested price. They will have the ability to determine the final actual listed price. All of their pricing decisions will be final. Anyone caught trying to sell an overpriced vehicle will have to pay a $100 ExPo tax. (Adjusted for cost of living to the seller's locality.) The tax will go to keeping pop-up ads off the website.

Photographs of vehicles will be limited to mall and other parking lot shots. That way we will limit embarrassment to those who have never taken their rigs off payment. (For anti-bullying and inclusiveness reasons.) All classified submissions must also come with a complete rust disclosure, known as form RUKMXP-91.

Nominations for the CPC must be made in writing and submitted no later than Scott Brady's birthday. (If you don't know that date, then you obviously don't belong here.)

And all vehicles must be sold with a roof top tent. Plus, we will have a subgroup for California sales because... yeah.

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