Ram Mgt Wants To Know What You Think @ a 1500 BEV, so let’m have it!


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We have no shortage of opinated, knowledgeable, experienced truck owning members here, and the Rams guys and gals want to know what you think should be included in their entry into the full size EV truck competition.

So what the heck, speak up and share your brilliance (seriously) with these designers before they get too far down the road with this:

C44119F9-BB90-4EC6-959C-AFF3F18CBA29.jpeg“We know there are battery-electric and range-extended Ram 1500 pickups coming in two years, the latter referred to as a Range Electric Paradigm Breaker (RPB). Ram execs are currently on a year-long tour holding Ram Real Talk events to find out what potential customers want, Automotive News reports that Ram will show the first iteration of the pickup in concept form before the year is out. Brand CEO Mike Koval told AN that meetings with the public are already helping shape the concept's design.”

The idea (or simply awareness), seems to be that Ford, Chevy, Tesla, Rivian, et. al., will all have their EV trucks out before Ram does, so Ram hopes to first see what the others are doing and then improve on that +1!***

…”We are preparing the EV pickup trucks for 2024, and we are doing it by adjusting the specs and adjusting the performance in function of what we see coming up from our competitors." Koval told AN, "We will push past our competitors in terms of those important metrics like towing and hauling and, in the future, charge time, range and things of this nature" by having the competitor playbooks before the Ram arrives.”

***an interesting spin, this could also perhaps be interpreted instead as admitting they got caught asleep at the wheel and now are scrambling to try to catch up with the competition.?
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Here’s the actual link where you can sign up to share your ideas and opinions (unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they’re giving away an EV truck to any participants ?):

*Ram Trucks Matter??
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Ford has done the best job of making an EV truck that is close to a regular truck- I think that’s where Chevy missed the mark so far.
From a practicality standpoint, yes, it looks like Ford did a great job. If you want people to know you're driving an electric truck and would be mortified if it were mistaken for any old F150, then the Chevy (or Hummer) nailed it. I hope Ram keeps a traditional bed profile so that any universal bed accessories (racks, toolboxes, etc.) will still fit.


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I want a portable battery pack, that is basically a slide in tray that fills the entire bottom 6" of the cargo bed. Might need to be several cells due to weight, but it would be a range multiplier and would allow me to do truck things with it out of the City. Also, I want it for under $50k :)

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