Replace Rear Bench with Chairs in 2017 F350


I received a few messages about the seats installed in the back of my F350. I thought to post here if anyone else is interested.

The 2017 F350 has lariat trim with black leather. I found that the kids weren’t using the entire bench and I wanted a bit more storage in the rear. I also though about, and then abandoned, the idea of a passthrough to a camper.

I found two seats from a 2017 Expedition (5,000 miles, totaled in a rollover. No blood on seats. Didn’t ask any questions). The leather was a perfect match.

John at John’s Upholstery in Longmont, CO did the work. Super great guy. I think this took him 1 ½ days.

The frame was welded to match existing holes and to achieve the same ride height as the bench. This put the seatbelts at the proper height for rear passengers.

John was able to reroute the cables from the side lever and back of each chair. This allows the seats to fold flat and easily return to the upright position. The seats can also recline about 1.5”.

It was not possible to install the middle seat from the Expedition. It has a funky removable mounting system that I didn’t want to mess with.

Cost of seats was $250. Install cost was about $800.

It would take about an hour to put the bench back in place.

I read these seats have a mounting point for an armrest under the upholstery. I didn’t investigate but think this would be a good next step.


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I have been looking at options my 17 Ram Mega Cab along those lines. Maybe put a fridge between the seats and have access to the area behind the seats.

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