Scepter Fuel Cans


I thought I posted this on here but I guess I didn't. These fuel cans are diesel but if you want to use them for gas you need to change the gaskets. Here is the gasket info: send him an e-mail.

Tom musselman



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I picked up 4 MFC's a couple of weeks ago from 92hdj81. They are as described, used, but in decent shape. Well worth the price he is asking.

I was even able to get the red cap straps from him for easy identification.

Ordered gaskets from Tom also, best price around.


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Received my Scepter and they were as expected, thanks for going the extra mile in getting these South of the border.


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There was a suggestion earlier in this thread about the possibility of someone acquiring some MFCs in Canada and then shipping them to us or someone.
...and I saw the thread from a while back on this where the group buy somewhat dissolved late...

Is there anyone that is in Canada with any frequency that could execute on this?

I am in the market for a number of MFCs.
I was lucky enough to have ordered direct from Scepter back before they stopped selling to the public. ...and if I had realized how the changes in regulations would impact my ability to get more I would have ordered before the regs changed.

I know that Red and Yellow are no longer standard runs at Scepter, but I am interested in RED, YELLOW, and Orange if I can get them. If I can't and have to go with one of the neutral colors, then I will swap straps or caps to ID them as I want.

Suggestions welcome...

Greg in Austin


Bump.... I have a few more for sale.... The only thing is that the price is 90 for two cans shipped to you door.



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With the yellow straps, this were originally diesel cans with the correct gasket for diesel, correct? The price is $90 for two cans, shipped?

Just want to clarify exactly what I am reading. If they are diesel cans and that price, I'll take two of them.


Just got my two Scepters from 92hdj81. I'd say the pictures in the first post of this thread are representative of what I received. Scratches, scuffs and some rust on the outside surface from a can holder most likely. Structurally they seem to be in very good shape.

If you want Scepters for a show-rig or a mall-rig, you should probably bite the bullet and buy new ones. If you use your equipment and function is more important than looks, buy these for about half the price of new.


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