Shipping car from USA to NZ and Australia


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When they say clean they mean like Swiss clean. NZ Biosecurity has no sense of humour and will order a multi-thousand dollar clean of your car or return to USA at your cost or will incinerate if if they have any concerns. So yes 100% scrub-out and a sensible conversation with Biosecurity (MPI) at the NZ Embassy or phone the Wellington MPI office could save you literally thousands. Cars do enter NZ but usually through authorised dealers so an individual bringing a car in, especially an off-road vehicle will jump straight to the "Maximum Risk" category on the computer system.


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Anyone looking into this might want to take a look at US shipper called A-1 Auto Transport. They ship from the US to both countries and I'm sure they have the ins and outs of it figured pretty well. Might be some problems driving US cars there though - not sure of the laws and regs. Probably rather pricey too given the distance, but they're a decent company that I've used before (not for overseas though).


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Congratulations with buying a new car. My impala comes from Texas. I’m so satisfied about it! It looks do amazing and drives so gentle, but with very nice sound of motor! I’ve used a service for shipping that was totally perfect for transporting such expensive cars. And paid literally 1k for everything. They provide great options for car and trailer transportation, like brand new trucks and GPS trackers to make you feel calm while shipping! I’ll definitely use it in the future if I need it.
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