show me your in LC bed

no rooftop tent no problem
Ill be driving by my self in the LC and love the idea of a rooftop tent but I dont want to budget for it (maybe next trip)
looking to travel for about 3 months down to Argentina I will be camping out of the LC so i will need space for the fridge tools food etc..

looking for ideas
not on the roof
not on the floor
yes inside the LC (ac/heat/safety):p

yes im afraid of the dark and animals and being by my self


Great thread, I would like to see the responses as well. There are some awesome ideas over on mud as well.


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What type of Cruiser do you have? 60, 80, 100? ih8mud is a great place to search for inspiration. The system I built for my 60 series can be found on this thread - along with lots of others. If you're not worried about keeping the rear bench seat you have a lot more options.


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If travelling solo, sleeping in the rig is the way to go. Not sure what Cruiser you have but this is how I setup my 80 series.


I don't really have a better shot of it online at the moment but here is why it works well. Outside of the reasons you mentioned like security, heat, etc, its also stealth. You can just pull of anywhere and sleep and not worry about fiddling around setting up an RTT. With my truck I built the bed up against the pasenger side extending from the back of the passenger seat to the back hatch. With the passenger seat set at a comfortable angle it gave me exactly 6' at a height just below the window. Instead of building storage compartments I left open space to pack my gear in soft bags or cases under the bed. I made some screen windows for the back sliders since ventilation is important in warm weather and bugs are no fun. Configured like this I had plenty of room to move around in the back, even with a mountain bike or two inside. If I redid it, I would probably make the sleeping platform a couple of inches wider so I could move around a bit more while sleeping. This setup is ideal for one person. With two, it works in a pinch having the second person sleep on the floor but with the extra gear along, sometimes you need to shuffle things. Depends how you pack and what you are bringing.


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4" memory foam mattress pad I picked up on craigslist for $25. Throw a sheet on it and you are oh so comfortable. I have since removed my storage box, so you can actually sit up



It seems hard to find a good compilation of Plattforms.. But your post has done his job - i start thinking..

Just use Google Picture search, with the terms: sleeping plattform in,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=843&wrapid=tljp133431338797220&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=rAGIT9bQBOatiQKd9ujmCg&q=sleeping%20platform%20in

When you see an interesting picture, click on it - and you see the page and more informations about :)

Not to bad at all


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I would have to cut myself in half (maybe thirds) to be able to sleep in the back of my Land Cruiser. :Wow1:


One person, one bike fit pretty good.

FZJ inside sleepimg.jpg

I also have a small Kelty awning I used with this configuration.

Kettle trip 2007 (2).jpg
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THe wheels are a 16" wheelers Alloy wheel. The lift is a Slee/OME 2" Heavy. It sits a little ***** high when empty.


African Outback (out of South Africa)
Black Widow (out of Oz)

Each make drawer systems and platforms for LCs.
You might want to check their sites out for ideas/configurations.
IIRC Dave from Adventureduo had a full set of "outback" in is 80 series. You could check with him also.


Dealer installed option, part of the "Action adventure package" I think with some JDM rigs, on my Hdj81 when I first got it. It's changed a bit since then, as I now have a fridge in the cargo area on the drivers side, so the sleeping area is good for one now. bed1.jpgbed2.jpgbed3.jpgP1020339.jpg

You can see the two extra boards in the first pic. They lay down on the rear most bar, with velcro strips to hold in place, then sit on top of the rear seats when folded down. The boards are lightly padded, but I use a self inflating mattress, and it's quite comfy.
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