Show off you Laptop/Tablet/GPS mounts please


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I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface 2 to act as an onboard computer for my very low tech Bronco. Its meant to act as GPS and be semi-permanently based in the truck so I'm looking for mounting ideas. I realize that with the variety of rigs on here, it will be difficult to find one that matches what I'm looking for exactly, but that's okay because if I have to build it myself, I'd like to see what others have done to secure they're mounts and if anybody else is looking for their rig, I'm sure this would be a good place to start. I'd also like to hear what you do and don't like about your mounts.

I already have a few ideas to start out with, but I'd still like to see what others have done. Maybe your ideas will inspire my own.

And since I know at least one person will ask, I'm using the 10 inch Surface 2 with 32 GB. Otherwise known as the cheap one. I plan on pairing it with a GPS receiver and an app called HERE maps to act as a navigation unit. If I have to, I can have it connect with my phone's hotspot to get online. I also want to be able to use the protective case I got with it so I don't have to throw it on every time I pull the tablet out.


Tablet, phone and HAM mounts


The new dual mic mount


I installed a Ram console and have a 1.5" ball on the front, where I added a mount that holds my iPad or Toughbook.



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Well, I did what I always do. I did my own thing. I purchased a mounting bracket for my tablet and with some leftover PVC pipe from another project, I made my own pivot arm mount.





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Just ordered a new tablet mount to try on my rugged ridge ball mount. Last one I tried to position in front of the stereo, Was to much torque on the mount. this one mounts directly on the ball, and the tablet will sit over the dash cubby. Hopfully that will work out better for me. I am going to try my 10" tablet in there first, but if its too heavy, I will revert back to my smaller 8".

I hope it works. So I can finally start using my tablet full time.


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Like to see the home made stuff. Especially the wood grain center console above that almost matches the dash.
So here is my mount for 10" tablet. Was supposed to be a prototype but that was four months ago.

got to love cardboard, sticky tape and velcro.


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Don't think to co-pilot would like the laptop in their face however. Awesome for single travel however.


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I posted a simple thread with the parts list and build steps for my 2008 Tacoma to mount an iPhone 5S to the A-pillar here:

Whenever I get around to having a tablet, I'll probably go with the RAM mount that attaches to the passenger seat bracket like I've seen some people do in this thread. I'll make the passenger be the navigator because I get motion sickness when I attempt to do it.


Not meaning to make fun, but wow. A laptop, a tablet, a smartphone AND a Garmin.

I wonder how many folks today still know how to use a map & compass.


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Oh oh oh.......I do, I do. However, its hard to read a map while driving along a backcountry trail. That's where the GPS/tablet comes into play where you can see where you need/want to go while traveling. Its basically a map on a nice size screen that follows where you are. You still need to be able to read a map correctly in order to use this technology!

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