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That kind of censorship would drive me totally crazy and sadly flows with some other things I have learned about Singapore, but thats for a different discussion over some beers or the like.

We have done a whole lot over the last week or so; Gardens by the Bay (no time to edit flower pictures, so those will happen later), Batam Indonesia for New Years, lots more good food, and met some great people! But anyway on to the good part, the photo's...

Some shots of our first resort on Batam with the family having a "discussion" or something like that...

And the second hotel where we spent New Years it's self. I don't have a huge number of fireworks pictures because they set the roof on fire and I was too concerned about the flames lapping over the edge of the roof to take pictures. Turns out they had lit a 2015 sign on purpose, not the accidental fire I thought it was. None the less flames wrapping over the edge of the roof was rather disconcerting and I had started packing things up and woke Sharifah who was trying to sleep through some food poisoning telling her to get ready to evacuate.

Grand finale!

There are more from Batam, but they are on a different memory card that I haven't had time to load yet. Part of the reason I haven't done much work on photo's is that since I am here with a bunch of girls, we have done more than our fair share of shopping! One trip was to Geylang, one of the oldest markets here in Singapore. This guy was kind enough to explain to us the difference between qualities of various anchovies.

Just a random lady in Geylang, but she was very interested in the westerners walking around and was happy to have her picture taken

And this guy...he was pretty cool and sold Ustadza a bunch of fabric; but then he all but refused to take no for an answer when she finally felt she had enough and got a little carried away pushing her to purchase more
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Clark White

We then went to have dinner with Ustadza's Grandma and eldest uncles family. The food was amazing, as was the company! I had thought we were headed for lunch and was at the mercy of the white florescent lights; not the best for great pictures of them, but it could have been worse!

Ustadza getting the bhindi masala started

Raidah, Ustadza's cousin, stirring the bhindi

Raihanna, Raidah's sister stirring the lamb rendang

The master chef herself, Ustadza's Nani!

Ustadza's eldest uncle works late, but he made it home just in time to join the feast

The next morning we went to one of Ustadza's Aunt's for brunch. We were too busy chatting and enjoying the amazing Nasi Lemak to take pictures of the food, but I insisted on some pictures of the family before we left
Aunt Zulaikha

Uncle Dillon

And their daughter Shahira (she was less than pleased to have her picture taken, but peer pressure got her to go along...)
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Clark White

After brunch we headed off to the Marina Sands Hotel for the night with Sharifah and their Mom. If you know it, nothing else needs be said. If you don't, then maybe you don't really wanna know too much else you might have to go spend a night yourself...though hopefully the pictures will say it all, with an infinity pool 60 floors above the street...

And the view directly out our rooms balcony!


Clark, it looks like you are having great time! And I do love the photos, very nice! :)

(we stayed in Marina Bay Sands couple of times and yes, that pool is really cool, but not for people with fear of nights :) )

Ray Hyland

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Clark you are making me homesick dude.

Glad we are going home to Singapore this year to visit everyone, we've been away too long.

Clark White

Thanks for the complements all!

Ray, I don't know if I could live in Singapore, but it sure is a nice place to visit; and damn the food is good!

Clark White

Well I have been in Sydney for a week now, exploring the city and surrounding areas from Matt Scotts house. When I first arrived, it was time for whiskey and Leicas; the former being my choice, the latter of course being Matts love.

On Friday night, we hopped the train to Sydney with a friend of Matts to check out some of the night life.

Opera house!

Some schmuck photobombing Matt while he played with my camera...

Panorama of the area, though my camera seems to have issues lining things up in the auto panorama mode

Matt's buddy, who is a paramedic for the ambulance service here in Sydney

Seriously, another picture? For the record though, Matt is the one who insisted I bring my camera...


They brew Dunkel in house!

We decided to get the sharing plate, which was absolutely fantabulous!!!

Amazing German beer, just incase you didn't get that...

Though it can be dangerous when served by the liter. I haven't heard from Andrew, but I suspect his head was hurting as bad as Matts was come Saturday morning (mine, however, was just fine from drinking water between drinks :ylsmoke:)

I have more photo's that I'v been getting caught up on, mostly left from Singapore, but currently I must pack up my crap to catch a train; flying off to Cairns tonight and will be boarding a live aboard dive boat for two nights/three days on the great barrier! :snorkel:


Clark White

I wouldn't want anyone thinking that all I'v done since getting to the land of Oz is go out for a night, so I figured I'd post some shots of Matt grilling up some amazing pork chops...

and of course the cameras are always out too...

Laura (Matt's girlfriend) and I went up to Kotoomba and walked around, taking a gander at the Tree Sister, exploring, and having some coffee

Since then I have actually been quite busy, having been up to Cairns where I did a bunch of diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Today I am picking up an ex-Australian Army Land Rover Perentie. I'll be driving that around the Victoria High Country for the next few days. I am then flying home next Sunday, but I probably don't stand a chance of getting caught up on pictures before that...


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