Snugtop XTR load capacity?

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I just picked up a Snugtop XTR for my Tacoma. Does anyone here ave much experience with them? They have a couple of 2" bars on the top and they tempt owners to feel comfortable loading the top of the shell with gear. I'm curious if anyone can tell me what kind of capacity can be supported by these tops? My main concern would be mounting a RTT. Not to worried about the tent itself but the weight of the then along with a couple of adults sleeping inside it as well.

Anyone help?


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121 pounds my friend. I was thinking about getting that same one. How do you like it? Do the windows seem like they would be prone to leaking over time? Pics would be fantastic if you've got time.



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Straying a bit...Snugtop does offer a "contractor" upgrade to some of their models. It consists of thicker sides and roof. They wanted $220 for the option on an 8' shell at the time.

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Adam, I am not totally familiar with all the various makers and models of camper shells, but many of our customers have fitted tents to fiberglass toppers and we have had zero reported problems out of probably several hundred such installs.

I have an ARE glass shell on my F350 with Yakima tracks and towers and have used a tent on this set-up without any problems. This is with just me n the tent.

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Thanks for the response. Just picked up the top on Saturday and got it on the truck. Overall it is in great shape. I found it used on a local classifieds website. I've been watching for a good deal on a used top for the past year. I have liked the XTR because of the clean lines and some the other features, but the cheapest I had ever seen one used was ~$750. Even then it was always the wrong color. Not many Mystic Gold Doublecab Tacomas out there I guess, so I'd be looking and a few hundred to have it repainted too which would put it over $1000 all said and done. Well, a couple weeks ago one showed up in local classifieds (but was still 3 hours away). Was the right color too. The price had me scratching my head a little. Was listed at $300. I thought it's either a peice of junk or a misprint. Called on it and talked the guy down to $270. A friend of mine does a bit of work in the area where it was located and he was kind enough to pick it up for me when he went up there last week. Overall it's is very good shape. A few dings but nothing unexpected from a nearly 10 year old used top. Really pleased with the deal. Color is almost dead on.

No signs of leaks. It has the third brake light, interior dome light, fold down front window. So most if not all the options available for it.

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all I have a phone pics at the moment.




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