SOLD.....2003 4x4 Ford E350 EB Super duty v10...for sale


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Mileage 36,741... price $39,900
Beaufort NC, USA

I hate to sell this beast of an adventure vehicle, i’ve put lots of blood sweat and money into her, ($ 10,000 + ) unfortunately have had some unexpected health issues which will derail my travels!

She’s ready to go anywhere just turn the key and go…

I am the second owner, Purchased from widow of original owner, who ordered from Ford factory, they shipped it to Quigley for 4 x 4 conversion and high top installation with sliding windows and screens.
31,800 miles when I purchased it. (36,741 now)

Drivability… When I purchased it handled OK, I was looking for better than OK so after much research I purchased and had professionally installed an agile RIP kit… at the same time I purchased New Cooper Discover AT3 tires
Had them mounted and balanced then fresh alignment…Pretty big difference… handles much better and it’s a joy to drive for such a large and heavy van. On the highway I generally set the cruise about 68 miles an hour, and can easily take my hand off the wheel and continues driving straight and true… (For the record 68 miles an hour on the speedometer is probably more like 72 miles an hour… Larger tires Change actual speed.)

Overall van is in very good condition… Engine is strong, 4 x 4 system works flawlessly, and paint is Shiny and bright… if you look hard you can find a couple of paint chips very small. There’s a couple of light scratches maybe 1 to 3 inches long on the back doors behind the
swing out tire and storage box...

Original owner basically had it set up with shelving, drawers and workbench for demonstrating his fly tying...(he invented a mechanism that made flies look like they were actively swimming as you retrieved it) His company was called Brinefly

Got to work tearing the insides out and building it back the way we would be using it... (surf fishing OBX,occasional overnights stays while traveling... 3 trips under our belt since finished, Adirondack mountains and then North Carolina/Tennessee mountains and one trip to the Florida Keys this winterthen three shorter trips surf fishing in the OBX where I live)
Insulated the floor,plywood over that, then vinyl plank flooring.
Built L-shaped couch/beds with six drawers under. Driver side of L is 28 1/2 inches by 81 inches. Rear section is 32x67 inches ( I am 6 foot 215 pounds,plenty of room for me on the longer section… My wife is 5 foot 3 and sleeps in the shorter section)
built a Bulkhead approximately 18 inches in from rear doors,with window opening and removable screen,you are able to see out the back while you are driving also open back doors for a nice breeze With no bugs when parked. The 18 inches behind the bulkhead provide lots of storage. (The “garage”)This is also where you access the under couch/bed storage through large hinged door. Built kitchen area on passenger side with small stainless sink two doors under where 12v water system is contained,4 drawers to the right of that.
Had my upholstery guy, custom make cushions/mattress for the L-shaped couch/beds and insulated snap on/Velcroed coverings for windows. All fabric is Sunbrella outdoor marine grade (The wife picked the fabric Colors)

Other things I’ve done/installed since purchase.

Agile Offroad RIP kit.
Keyline 140 amp dual amp battery smart isolator (charges House batteries any time engine is running).
Two battery monitoring systems for House batteries (amps volts etc.).
New starting battery.
Maxair 05100k 10 speed ventilation fan.
Cooper discoverer AT3 295/75/16 including spare (Love these tires)
Progressive Dynamics “Mighty Mini” AC/DC 60 Amp Converter/Charger
With built in charge wizard. (When plugged into shore power or generator charges house batteries)
2 Trojan T105s 6Volt batteries connected in series (House batteries)
Entire 12 V system to House professionally re-wired by certified RV/ Marine electrician
Furring 30amp Shore power inlet
Dometic CFX 35 12v/120v Refrigerator/Freezer. On full extension slides, under couch/bed immediately behind driver seat… Can be reached,pulled out and accessed from outside of the van so no having to climb in the van to get a cold one! ( this is hands-down the best fridge/freezer I’ve ever owned very impressive… And barely uses any energy.)
Additional interior lighting installed including two swivel reading lamps and two overhead lights.All independently controlled,all lights are on dimmers and are LED
Onboard 12v water system,5 gallon fresh 5 gallon waste.(additional water stored in back “garage”which is used for outdoor shower or can be moved to the inside freshwater system as needed, two 7 gallon water jugs in “garage”)
2 12v five speed personal fans (These are portable and clip on ,we have these mounted over the head of our bunks and are quite effective)
lockable storage box on back bumper
(I’m sure there’s A couple of other things I’m forgetting about now).

Equipment that was on the van,(Purchase by original owner)when I bought it.

Ramsey 12,000 pound winch with remote…(I have never actually used this other than pulling it out approximately 6 to 8 feet and then retracting it in)
Extreme air 12v high output onboard compressor (Love this unit… Used multiple times)
Mickey Thompson wheels
Banks cat back exhaust
Banks air filtration
Banks shift kit
Back up camera
Two rear 12v flood lights
Rear air bags
Road armor bumpers front and rear (with swing out spare tire holder)
Black Bushwacker fender flares
46 gallon Transfer Flow fuel tank
Interior fishing rod holders
(I am Sure I’m forgetting a few things)


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More photos


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Pending sale… Should be finalized within the next two or three days… If deal goes through I will post it here as sold.

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