Sold: Total Composites Truck Camper for sale

Man I wish I could pick this sucker up but I think it would be fairly difficult for me to come up with that amount of cash in a short amount of time. Just thinking out loud here, it might be helpful if you did a video walk through explaining everything the camper has currently, how it operates, what components you are including and what additional components you have available to sell. I'd buy it if I could but I know that would be the type of thing I'd like to see if I was dropping that kind of cash. Good luck.
Contact the seller if you’re serious. I did, and he was more than willing to do a walk-thru, answer all of my questions and discuss logistics.

I wanted to make sometjing happen, but I didn’t feel the camper was a good fit (dimensionally) for my current rig. And that was when it was listed a few thousand dollars higher!

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