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Well, you got me pegged. ? But I'm also considerate enough to not let anyone know where I am... and if I did, nobody would be surprised if they didn't hear from me for a month or year. So SAR would have no reason or location to look until it was obviously too late.

Honestly, SAR volunteers aren't going to get judgy or anything like that, as long as folks aren't putting their kids in danger in an obvious, avoidable way. We basically believe in the marketplace of bad ideas and personal choice.


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I recently heard about the 85% rule. 85% of the time nothing bad happens in risky situations. It's what you do about the remaining 15%. 1) no go in the first place, 2) accept the downside of said risk and just deal with it, or 3) take reasonable steps to mitigate against that risk. There is a law of diminishing returns on that last part. When I'm out alone I leave trip plan of some kind (email, text, note in my car etc) If I'm going for an extended time I'll use a Spot device to note my location, not just at night but maybe before a tricky hill descent or some valley that has risk etc. And even though my phone is brand new I still bring a spare battery charger with my first aid kit. All that does is give the SAR folks a fighting chance to get to me in time. Plus what all the other good advice others have noted before me.

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