Timbren front bump stops


I wondered about these as well and was at my local 4X4 shop and they had them on display. I asked and the owner told me to save my money. I had a local spring shop make me up an extra spring for each corner. Drilling out the hole for the center bolt is really a pain but it rides better.


There's a few of us with these on the fronts and some all around. When I put mine on it didn't feel like they made much difference, they did help to dampen bottoming out but the difference was not significant enough for me and I had the suspension re worked.

I guess its about expectations.....


My truck is actually a 2wd and it's a work truck.

My complaint is when it's loaded heavy, the front springs grey pretty close to the bump stops making a pretty terrible ride.

So since these are designed to be "bottomed out" all the time, would I loss the harsh bottoming feel?

Or is it more of a gimmick


they are included in the ATW parabolic kit. Since I fitted both at the same time I don't know which did what. I suspect the Timbren softened the bottoming out. The old rubber was very stiff. Another part (later) was shock absorbers with softer compression harsher rebound.


I fitted a set and at first wasn't impressed as they were in contact at all times. after extending the front top leaf by 50mm and adjusting the two bottom leafs to soften the springs I put the timbrens in with none of there spacers. this means the timbren takes up after 60 mm of spring travel working as a progressive bumpstop. They seem to work for me as the point of contact is as the spring goes flat and with a bit of give I don't fell it hitting the bumpstop yet I can see on the springs that they do take the weight. I feel results for people may vary as weight on the front and truck usage are all different some trucks have heavy bar work and winches while mine has no winch and alloy bar.



Awesome guys I think I'll try a set, I have minimal travel to the bump stops and it feels like I am always hitting them when I get to much weight on the front...or just to big of frost heaves


I use Sumosprings on my Jeep and suburban as a poormans "speed bump" ... much softer landing in place of the factory bumps stops. I had timbrens on the suburban (rear) for a while, but didn't like how harsh the ride was when load...so I went with better springs and some 'short' Sumo progrssive foam springs. For the Jeep, I went with a mild lift and stock length sumos w/o bumpstop spacers...

I know my experience is not specific to the trucks here... But may be something to consider.


Check your gap between stop and frame...probably can barely slip your index finger in up to the second knuckle....

The Timbrens will soften that inevitable blow, but the only thing that will change that is new springs or at least adding a leaf. But you've still got old, tired non greasable bushings and new springs supporting fatigued ones......

I tried the stops first, then Ranchos....finally got new springs from Goanna Tracks w/ the greasable shackles......couldn't be happier....brought the truck up about 2.5", sits level. Simple installation. If you're in the States, Tony has them up in Calgary....

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