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I have a 2018 Tundra Crewmax, it has the roll down window at the back of the cab. I have to decide on my popup if I want a window on the cab side and if I want windows on the barn door. Windows will cost me $900, trying to decide if I want them or not. The popup camper will be primarily a place to sleep.


I'm a fan of windows. I have 3 on my AT Summit. The rear hatch window, front slider window and a Tern Overland window on the passenger side. They offer good visibility, great views when hanging out inside, fresh air to flow through and are great when I have my dog in the back. The Tern Overland window is double pane so it offers great insulation with zero condensation. The other two are single pane. I simply cut some reflectix insulation to fit into the frame of the windows. That solves that insulation and condensation issue. The only reason I would not get windows if you want that for security. Or if you do not like visibility, fresh air and nice views.


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Thought about this when I got the simple used Leer cap on the back of my GMC. My rear window is solid but the front window of the Leer which abutted the back window of the truck, well that has sliders.

So I thought about swapping out my rear window for one with a slider but the $ was just too much. Could put it into something else


My vote is no on windows for seeing out the back while driving (cameras are better), or large windows anywhere.


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I also had a Tundra with an electric roll down rear window. Definitely go with an access window on the front of your camper. It's great to have cab access to your camper. You can even leave your truck's AC or heat running on occasion to heat the camper.

Window's in the camper itself aren't much use unless you are stuck in it on rainy days.
While I’d never have a pass through window on a slide in, for a canopy they’re great. I like to have air flow for the dogs when they’re crated in the back. For anyone buying a canopy, I recommend a tilt down (and slide opening) front window so you can easily clean both truck and canopy windows. Pet screens over the sliding side windows are good too. A friend left his sliders open, and a thief slit the mesh screens to reach in and steal some expensive gear.


I know I've already posted about being a fan of windows. But in the past two weeks I've taken two fishing trips here in Colorado and love having that big window on the passenger side. Sat in my comfortable chair every morning and watched the sun rise with a cup of coffee. Sat in the same place at night when it got cold and watched the evening come with a beer. Could not imagine sitting in there with no windows to look out.

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