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  • I should pay more attention to detail. It is 'Dillon' and not 'Silverthorne' CO although they are right next to each other.
    Is it proving to be tough to find the Tundra you want? Are they special or rare with the year range you want?
    And I'm sorry the one in Colorado Springs looks to be 'black'. The other two look pretty nice.
    And looking at your profile, you are in AZ which might not be too far from Telluride but another 4-5 hours to Silverthorne.
    I'm on pretty good terms with our local Toyota dealer, both service and sales and if Silverthorne seller could bring it here for an inspection by dealer, I could meet them.
    New to Expedition Portal and apologize for still learning the ropes of communicating. Have been in touch with some members as we are looking and learning about RV possibilities.
    Thanks again,
    I have an Engel for sale if you are still looking.
    It's a 60L comes with both leads, 2 baskets and 2 handles.
    I have tried to see where you are, I am from the UK.
    I was doing a search for home made fridge sliders and came across yours, I saw you had it for sale at one time. Do you still have it by any chance?
    Saw the photo of your Jeep in your buildup thread, and thought the yellow trucks in the background looked really familiar. Also saw your occupation so I figured you probably work for Hensel Phelps. I'm a new FE at the Methodist job in Houston and just wanted to say hi.
    Hello, I came across this site while investigating a few cold cases , I am from a group of investigators that look into unsolved murders, and was interested in your post and peekays postings from awhile back regarding the jenner california fishhead beach murders and the bumble bee murders which I believe u describe that u were camping near by and you had a incident near verde river involving a person in a truck . If there is anything that you can remember that night anything else even the next day etc. That might be strange anything that u can remember about the individual or vehicle might be helpful . We would like to bring these familys closure if possible thank you for your time and consideration in this matter you can contact me through here or at serialprofilingfan@hotmail.com thanks and hope to hear from you.
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