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Well then give Tribe the following feedback. Upgrade to some name brand components instead of no name Chinese stuff. Doesn't need to be Victron and Battleborn if they are trying to hit a lower price point but this trailer still isn't cheap and when you see it on the Chinese websites for substantially cheaper, if I understand what others found online, you have to ask what you are paying for and getting at their US price point. Yes, I understand their are import costs associated. Is the price delta purely import costs being passed on to the consumer?

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So it seems you’re now saying Tribe does not own the factory but owns the rights to this trailer for the US market. That makes more sense than the previous claim given that the manufacturer is a bigger company and clearly has been making trailers and other products for a while and even has other similar models on the market. None of that means the product will be good or bad, but it is better to get the straight story when asking people to shell this kind of money.
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So, what's the actual size of the main bed. not the smaller one that converts from a dinette?


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Tribe brand is written up on the ROA site but without any detail. RoamerX still has listed price of $110k, but you can't buy one yet. At least they finally removed RKS from their site.


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what happened to RKS?
It looks like RKS is done. If there are some RKS Purpose units still available on dealer lots, I bet they could be had for a bargain price. When a manufacturer goes out of business, if the product was well built like the RKS is, it's still easy to service the unit yourself or find RV techs nationwide who can help out. There isn't really anything proprietary on a travel trailer.


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That purpose is such a cool trailer. The local UT dealer still has one on lot. Somebody should low ball them at 30k (or even lower if they beat the heck out of it or placed a hot tub on top) and buy that thing. Make sure you don't leave a message on Sat or Sunday because thier closed and all messages don't get to them ?


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New trailer is being dropped off next week. 2nd prototype, once its arrives we will complete a full tour and post it online.


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Just watched a new YT vid from Tribe. I believe it is the 2nd prototype. Although this would be to heavy for my TV this is the exact type of trailer I begged RKS to build for me three years ago. Such a cool concept. Guy says it's garageable but does look taller the 95" to me so anyone interested in this needs to verify and insist that if it's over 95 you can get out of purchase.

Lots of moving Chinese parts. And no lithium (WT..) are my only criticisms. The smaller Tribes seem to have thier far share of issues. If you could get this for 52K it maybe worth the risk but for 65k plus lithium mod I would take a hard pass.

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