Uro-Camper Xplora II


On these photos you can see the third bed, an hammock that only takes 2 minutes to be mounted or removed. Can hold a person of any weight wiht no problem.

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Hi Tanaciuos, thanks again for your comments.

Of course, additional exterior storage is always useful, but the xplora has several compartments to be reached from outside that we think is enough to store everything might be needed in off road use or just dont want it to be inside. Also we would have to change the design quite a lot to add boxes as the one in the Tacoma above.


I've got an American spec Tacoma in Germany if you need to borrow it.. Just return it with an Xplora on it and we'll call it even!!! hahah.. Beautiful looking product!


Wow, a very elegant design... thanks for sharing! I am especially excited about the hammock design you have there - provides an opportunity to take the whole family away with you, especially if you have two of them.


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The hammock is pretty slick. What a great way to add another bunk, takes up very little space, and looks comfortable, too. It reminds me of an old army cot, but better, because my old army cot didn't come with an awesome Xplora II camper.
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Hi Tribu, very nice camper you have made. Well done. I'm wondering what the camper shell is made out of. Is it full fibreglass? Also are your internal cupboards water jet cut from a single sheet of laminated plywood? They are very nice. :)

From the pictures showing the hammock it looks like it could be difficult to get in and out of. Have you integrated a step of sorts in the cabinets to help get up there?

I would love to see one of these in person but being in Australia I doubt that is going to happen. Good luck with it all.


As much as I love your shower I'm a bit disappointed. I've designed a very similar one in a aluminum drawer pulling out from under the sink. I was very excited with my idea and looking into showing off my great concept. But you beat me to it, Hahaha!!! Well done!

I'm debating to put a drain in the floor lining up with the shower base when opened or a side drain with a flex hose connected to the base of the plumbing of my sink. The later would keep the floor intact... How's yours?

Also, mine is 24"x24" which is all the space I can afford. How's yours?

Looks excellent as usual!

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