Voyager is Completed (Build Thread)


Ok gang, after lurking here for almost 2 years, and spending a good 9 months in the design phase, We finally have something to post about. I purchased the steel back at the end of the year and have been working diligently making all the pieces come together. I 'acquired' a lot of ideas from you amazing builders here and I want to start off by thanking you all for documenting your builds and answering questions along the way.

This is my final thought on what it should look like when it is done.


Here were my mission requirements:
  • Parks in my garage.
  • Queen bed.
  • Decent storage.
  • Solar recharge capability.
  • Noco Shore power and charger connection.
  • Spare tire and propane storage.
  • Two doors (one on each side).
  • Storage under the galley and pantry for two folding tables.
  • Ability to attach an awning whether fabricated or purchased.
  • Around $5k for the build.

This is a look on the inside. There is a pull-out pantry for food, etc on the passengers side and open storage on the drivers side with access to the batteries and other electrical. The pantry in the back will host a 12v refrigerator and store my RV-Q stove that will attach on the outside when camp is set up.


I did get a chance back in August to start on the frame walls. I got that cutout and ready, but the wife-to-be says the flooring on the house had to get finished.


Here's a shot of the new carpet...


I'm using my Lincoln Electric 210MP for the welding.


Here's the spare tire/propane carrier welded up.


And the trailer frame coming together.


The frame is welded up except for a few gussets that will attach the floor and the 2"x3" angle that will assist in holding the walls up. Once I get some more time out in the shop, I will upload some more pictures of the frame and start detailing the progress better.


I found a better picture of the ladder frame and tongue. I opted for a tongue that ran back to the axle and supports that run back about 20" on the frame for additional support. The last mounting plate for the Flexiride Axles just arrived today so I am hoping to get those welded up tomorrow. I made a small jig to make sure everything is straight for the attach plates. More pictures to come.

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Following the recommendations from the manufacturer, the Flexiride half-axles are attached by two mounting plates to a support beam running the width of the trailer frame. For that task, I have a 2"x3"x.25" piece of steel that will be that support structure. It will be welded to the trailer frame and I am fabricating supports to make sure the support beam is going to have a lot more to hold onto the frame than just the four 3" spots where it contacts the frame.

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I'm in! It will be fun to watch, I've just started to gather info on doing a build maybe later this year. I live up by Usery Park, so if you need a hand let me know.

What are you going to tow it with?


I've got a 2009 Chevy Tahoe. Total Pavement Princess with the tow package. Although I'm adding a second battery and expanding my trans cooler this year.


Now that I have my wheels/tires, it was time to test out the spare tire carrier. I just sat the propane bottle where its supposed to sit. It's not attached to anything.



Got the trailer frame flipped over so we could start welding on the frame rails. Snapped a picture of these clamped in place. These will help support the walls. We managed to get these welded on today but didn't take any pictures yet. I still have quite a bit of grinding to do. Our 11 year old helper got his time on the grinder and the welder.



Tonight, I graduated from steel to wood. I stopped at my local Lowes and picked up some good 3/4" plywood for the floor. I had them measure it and cut it for me so I could avoid that hassle. The guy asked what I was working on and I told him about my camper build so I explained why I needed those measurements to be dead nuts on. This guy hooked me up good.

Next I busted out my router and a 1/4" roundover bit to trim the edges of the plywood so everything would sit flush on the rails and mounting plates. Everything lined up great, and after I marked the pieces for placement, I pulled them off.

As you can see, the plywood was a little warped, but I'm guessing I'll be able to weigh it down before I match drill the wood to the steel. Not a big deal.


I then marked and drilled the mounting surfaces where the bolts will secure the floor to the frame.


Quick question to anyone reading this...

I'd like to use either a bed liner or rubberized coating for sealing the bottom part of the floor.

Can anyone give any good recommendations?


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End grain exposed in a channel that may trap water can be what rots a rig with good sealant on top and bottom sides.

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