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Sorry, no. Due to this forum and many members and their inability to accept anything wood as a great building material,
I chose to post it over on the (old) pirate4x4 forum, which has since been lost to the sands of time.

If you'd like some fun reading material check this thread out.... ;)
Its pretty silly to see how closed minded some really are.

Lol. I understand.


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Sorry, no. Due to this forum and many members and their inability to accept anything wood as a great building material,
I chose to post it over on the (old) pirate4x4 forum, which has since been lost to the sands of time.

IdaSHO! PLEASE don't mistake me for one of "those" members. Personally, I have always been really impressed by your design acumen, research, and ability to "get her done"!

GOOD JOB MAN!!! (I was trying find clapping hands emoji for here, but no luck) (y)
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I'm laughing right now, maybe close to pissing myself 🤣!

I'm approaching the full time two year build mark and it sometimes seems like the finish line is no where in sight.

Actually, I think I may start crying 😩😭.
Well, they say the most important is the journey, not the destination.

Edit: For an overland truck, i guess the journey begins when the build is finished though. So technically my fancy comment is not really helping 😅

Let's start "the 2 years building in progress club" and we'll be the first 2 members. Each year we get an upgrade to the next level 😅


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IdaSHO, I'll be one of those members in the 10 year club.... someday. I have the desire and the skillset to get the job done, but right now I just don't have the time or money! While I love your setup, my end goal will be something akin to a Capri cowboy or Endgame camper 4.0. Small, light, and perfect for a long weekend to a week or two, living mostly outside.

My goal is to explore fairly locally with my wife and son, and to use it as a Basecamp for mountain biking and ski days. I have a cap on my truck that does this duty pretty well already, but I'd love to show off my woodworking skills with something that is a bit of a work of art.

Just wanted to pop on to say that you're an inspiration for a lot of folks on here, whether we say it or not!


Ive had quite a few request interior shots of our camper.
We are prepping for our next trip currently, and the camper received a deep clean.
Figured it was as good a time as ever for some photos.

Besides the two back cushions that the wife (finally) finished, hey, wats a 10-year delay :ROFLMAO:
the interior has essentially been used and unaltered since built.

It was done on the cheap and with every ounce of concern (weight)
And has performed and is has endured.

Cabinets were built using a 3/4x3/4 VG fir framing and skinned with 1/8" birch door skins.
All cabinet doors are nothing more than 6mm Baltic birch. cheap hinges, and friction catches.
6,000BTU furnace gravity (no 12V) with retrofitted millivolt safety vale and wall t-stat and an LP oven/range from the 1960's
DIY range hood and powered/filtered vent
12vDC Dometic fridge
Dual 100AH 6V deep cycle FLA batteries
Still rocking the original 20A ecoworthy MPPT charge controller, Victron amp counter, and dual 24V renogy 100Watt panels
Foot switch for sink pump
DIY composting toilet
Simple 12V with LED bulb clamshell lighting
12VDC under cab lights for workspace and table lighting
Isolated coil 8" thick futon mattress
Dinette that breaks down into a spare bed
Rear book case
Rear 5kBTU AC unit (120v)
100% wool berber carpet over epoxy-coated floor w/ area rugs
Simple rope hung 2-stage curtains. Light filtering and light blockout.

Cabinets in the cab-over are for clothing
Vertically stacked cabinets left of fridge is a full food pantry
Cabinets below sink provide storage for disk cleaning stuffs and access to water tank
Cabinet below and to the left of sink is for cookie sheets
Cabinet below stove is a tip-out garbage and bag storage
Cabinets above stove and sink are dishes, spices, tea/drink mixes
Coat closet above furnace
Cabinet above fridge is primality linens, personal items
Cabinet below fridge is a bit of a catch all. 12VC vacuum, first aid kit, cleaning supplies, etc...

All in all, it performs better than ever imagined. And I wouldn't change a thing.
I do have plans however for a couple more shallow overhead cabinets on the side walls above the dinette,
for more storage for books and seasonal items like hats, gloves, etc.













We just finished up a 19 day 4500 mile trip to Texas (primarily for the 2024 total eclipse)

Both the truck and camper took some hits, nothing major.
And everything performed as intended/designed.
These trips always show what changes/upgrades we can make, and this one is no exception.
I have a few additions/changes to the camper coming soon.

here are just a few of photos of the truck/camper along the way.
It was a fabulous trip, even including the absolute STUCK we got in Northern Nevada :ROFLMAO:










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